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Thanks. You know I suspect that anyone who knows boats isn’t going to steal a Sterling as they are so few and unique. They sort of stand out and I would think that someone stealing a boat to paddle or to sell themselves would choose something that was more generic. It’s probably been fenced for a song.

Horrific news :cry: Like I just posted in another thread yesterday, theft is getting out of hand during the pandemic, but then to hear so soon about such a special boat being stolen… that sucks!!! Also it was clearly your baby, you said it was a joy to paddle, handled quite well, etc. That’s just not right man. I hope you can track it down.

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I think an added section would be useful.

Agreed. I also think that would be a good thing!

I use the go paddle app quite often to search out launch sites close to home and when travelling. And have submitted launch sites to it, which have been added. I think it is an excellent app


I use Go Paddle often, as I travel with kayak(s). I add to it when appropriate. Otherwise, I glance through other stuff as entertainment, or looking for specific information.

Not so much a feature as an improvement. If you post a comment and decide for whatever reason you want to delete the comment it should be deleted, not “hidden” for everyone to read so they can see why you deleted it, but gone forever.


I agree and the same with edits. If i misspell a word and go back and fix it why keep both copies active. delete and edit should be forever.