Kids kayak selection

I’m looking selection help to purchase a beginners recreational kayak for 8 to 11 year olds (my grandkids). I am an experience paddler but beginning owner of recreational kayaks. Use is on pond, lake or east streams. I think I want set in but do not know plus or minus of set on.

Kids are athletic, strong and slight of build.

Thanks for any assistance.

Perception Tribe
Let me start by saying I generally dislike SOT kayaks, and I am not even sure if Perception still carries them, but I bought 2 of the 9.5 tribes for general kid and family tomfoolery at the lake. They are stackable so they fit in the space of 1 kayak laying flat on truck rack, and light enough for an easy 1 person carry or loading.

I have found that anybody can successfully paddle them around and have fun. Not meant for covering any real distance, or developing serious skills, just a fun introduction into kayaking.

a few models to look for

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Wilderness Systems Piccolo
Wilderness Systems Tsunami SP
Perception Umiak

These are boats designed for small people and kids. I'm not sure any of them are currently made, but they show up often in the classifieds here and on Craigslist. They're relatively narrow so your kids won't be struggling just to get a paddle too long for them into the water.

As kids will grow, shopping used for boats makes sense.