Kokatat Orbit pfd Question

I did look at the Ninja,
But i need some measurements on it 1st.

Aries Back
The Aries back is unusual. It has thicker foam up top and tapers right down to a real thin piece. The covering material is a cordura. Here is a link to the front and back.


I think that this will be a great life jacket for recreational paddlers and also small women who don’t like the bulk of some life jackets. The really super thing about this life jacket is that it comes in a youth L/XXS adult size which really will work well for small women.

When I received my sample, I took it to a paddleshop and sat in everything they had and it didn’t ride up at all. I am really excited about this one!

Suzanne this is great hear…
I don’t think it’s the bulk for me but it would be a BIG BONUS to not have the bulk, wow to think of the freedom you could have without it, that is very exciting. Plus you would feel like you lost weight, woo hoo a big bonus there too. Can’t wait to see about this pfd.

check website photos
I had an astral buoyancy wonderjacket which fit me perfectly but does have bulk in the front (which I don’t need). My dream pfd was a kokatat msfit tour and I finally bought one, wore it once and had to accept what I had felt in the store,but didn’t want to believe, that it sat too high on my back and was not for me. Nothing to do with the kayak, it was the pfd v me. Next time shopping I tried on several styles of vests from different manufacturers, paying attention to the neck line and the amount of space between where the shoulder strap sits on shoulder and where the back of the vest starts. I ended up getting another wonderjacket. I am including a page from the AB site because you can actually see all the different style backs - how high some are compared to others by the same manufacturer.http://www.astralbuoyancy.com/2011/products/

Wow, after reading the specs
on the PFD it sounds awesome. Wonder if anyone near me carries them so i could try. Thanks .

I googed it and found REI
is selling them. May need to order and ship to store. Not sure if there are an REIs near you though.

Sounds good!
I checked the local REI, which carries K-tat gear. They didn’t have the Aries. Can’t wait to try one on.

Nope 3 hrs from me…but thanks.

MEC Fulcrum

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This is by far the most comfortable PFD I've worn. The back is designed to not go down too far so that it doesn't get pushed up by the back of the kayak/seat.


Many PFD's have one big flotation panel in the front, so it needs to be cinched very tight to form around the body, and still feels bulky. The Fulcrum has 4 from panels, so it contours around the torso without being constricting. I have more arm and shoulder freedom in it than any other pfd I've tried. The foam is PVC-free. Plus you can return their products for any reason, even if used.

Here's one review from their site:

I have 1 consideration when buying a jacket. It does not ride up. We do a lot of sea kayaking and this jacket does not ride up.

Mountain Equipment Coop
stores are in Canada only i believe. I know of the Toronto one where i lived. Not easy to get this jacket from Canada with customs etc. and to return if not fitting.

It looks great…too bad it’s in Canada.

Stores in Canada only
But I don’t think there’s any problem getting it shipped to the states. The only customs should be sales tax if you have it (could be wrong).