Koktakat storm cag

cooler weather
Reminds me of a trip I took to the San Juans a couple of years ago during August. While I was waiting for my connecting flight in Seattle, I overheard a news report stating that the temperature was expected to reach the mid-80s that day. I had to laugh when the TV weatherperson advised folks who were feeling overcome by heat to seek refuge in malls, theatres, etc. Mid-80s in August around here (DC) would be considered a cold snap.

Expedition Essentials
Don’t know if they still make them or sell them in the US, but it was ‘only’ $120 which seemed outrageous at the time. It’s lighter and thinner and doesn’t breathe (silny) – impervious to wind – it does the job. It actually gets a surprising amount of use. Usually for the same purposes others have named. ‘Overheating’ is what it’s all about – to bring a person from cold to hot. When you’re warm again, it’s job is done.

Not always…

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The situation where we saw the non-breathable ones work less well was in drizzly or very foggy days in Maine in summer, where the weather was dank enough to want an extra cover but air temps were a little too too warm for the silcoth cags. Our paddling companions tended to have to choose between being uncomfortably hot or a little chilled for the paddle home because it was too much of a PITA to keep pulling the cag off and on at short intervals.

If I was thinking heavy winter use, maybe the non-breathable ones would work better becasue the air is often drier.

Inexpensive alternative

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Though currently out of stock, apparently Sea Kayak Georgia still carries this earlier iteration of storm cag: http://www.seakayakgeorgia.com/catalog.php?item=20&catid=On%20Water%20Clothing

And what I also carry as a spare cag is the Cascade Cagoule from Campmor: http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Product___77708


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We use the Valley cag, which, I think, is made by SEALS here in the USA. The Valley version is a bit cheaper but identical to the more expensive Seal.

Reed Chill Cheater makes a beautiful cag but it's quite pricey.

However, you might want to do a price comparison between the Seal's cag VS Kokatat's Gore-Tex version VS Reed and see which has the better price point for your budget. If it's not that big a difference, then it's your choice.

Our "extras" are our old Expedtion Essentials. They're the previous version of what's offered now and I prefer the fabric in ours as opposed to the new ones as it's "quieter".

Our experience with both cags has been comfort with no overheating, but perhaps that us.

The one Rick S mentioned is a beautiful piece of kit, made, I think, in NZ. I've yet to find one but the Valley cag resembles it quite closely.

well, the solution to that is simple:
move to the West Coast!


Advantage of cagoule: 1 size fits all.