Labrador kayak from Boreal

Boreal Customer Service
After emailing Boreal about their customer service, they responded on the same day and assured me that they take pride in it and look after any problem as soon as possible. It sounds like the quality is there so I am going to take a chance and get my Ookpik in the next couple of months.


Go for the Boreal
I’ve dealt with Boreal over the years and they have always been really good. Nicely built boats, no qualitiy issues, good construction and reliable bulkheads etc…i think you are much better off with it than the Tsunami you had been thinking about based on quality alone.

Good luck.

Joe O’

Great Customer Service
is what I’ve experienced. The back of the seat in my Inukshuk started slipping after two months of use. The local dealer (Paddle Pamlico) contacted BD and they provided a new back post haste. Ditto when I gouged a 1/2" deep, 2 feet long hole on the bottom. (Oyster shells ARE NOT kayak friendly.) Shortly after I told my dealer about it he contacted BD and they forwarded matching material the dealer and I melted and formed to make the repair.

I’m happy with them.

Stay safe on the water,