Lake George Columbus weekend?

Mossy Point
If you care to launch near the top of the lake there is Mossy Point: On Black Point Road, 2 miles north of the Village of Ticonderoga on the east shore of Lake George. Hard surface launching ramp.

We were there
all weekend. Great inland paddling there. It was fun running into you guys, too!


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For all the info. Will be launching from Huletts tomorrow (assuming it'll stop raining, as forecasted).

any good eating places?
BTW, any good place to eat?

I’ve done a few tourist traps. Some better than others. But maybe there’re better (especially fish/seafood) hiden some where?

In Bolton Landing
This is really the only place we’ve eaten after paddles, and not sure that you won’t hit huge crowds. Columbus Day wknd is huge in the Adirondacks. But there is a joint on the main drag, can’t remember its name, that sits back a bit behind a wooden deck. Decent and not fussy menu including non-carnivore choices at a reasonable price. There is another place that does Italian further down the street, also fairly reasonable compared to some of the stuff around there but can a major wait if it’s a busy weekend.

There is a quite nice Chinese restaurant down in/about North Glens Falls, on the west side of the version of Rt 9 that goes south out of Whitehall, as well. More commercial area, but it’s nice food and you aren’t far from a highway exit.

Lake George, NY

How cold was it there? It was down in the 30’s in CT this weekend.

I saw one canoe
at dock - green Old Town and a bunch of small tents, but nobody around on Sunday.

Don’t know
It wasn’t cold on Saturday. Evne a fuzzy rubber under the drytop was too warm once the sun came out (in mid-afternoon).

It’s cold Sunday but warmed back up today. I didn’t paddle, went biking instead (pedal, that is).

Leaves hasn’t quite full on yet. Probably better next weekend.

You probably got the best of it

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Got rain last night and today here, also at LG if the report is right. And temps aren't breaking out of the 40's.
At this point in the leaf season, all it takes is one night like this and most of what is still hanging hits the ground.
Myself and SO had to sit it out - dirty rotten cold and neither of us can afford the time for a major setback right now. Grr.

work gets in the way
Rotten cold and sore throat here kept me off the lake as well this weekend. Plans for a paddle tomorrow and vac day quickly yanked by my boss due to a project. darn! The only upside is that LG foliage usually lags behind the surrounding Adks by a week due to warming from water. Thus, this weekend and early next week might be peak foliage and warming temps on Monday expected so still time for a nice paddle.

Try November
Two of my most memorable paddles on LG have been in November, on nice warm days that we often get in the first half of the month. The trees are bare, but the blueberries are scarlet red and the expanses of moss right along the shore combine to give beautiful color. Also, there are practical no motors out on the water then.

Cheers, AAM

Island camping closes Monday
And probably a lot of the land camping also closes this past weekend, too.