leaking current designs nomad kayak hatc

took a level 1 course .found after flipping my kayak there was water in both hatches…the hatch covers are fiberglass with straps that are metal buckles …anyone else have this problem…how to correct.the boat was bought new 2 years old …any advice appreciated…stan

Do the straps stretch?
I had the Nomad (aka Extreme) and the original factory straps were made of material that stretched when wet. I tighten them pretty well when on the beach, just wet them with water and a few minutes later - I can stick a couple of fingers under them (that loose)! If I re-tightened after they stretched, once dry, they were so tight I was worried about the screws holding them popping out…

Called CD, they denied any issue, but still sent me replacement strapst for free. I installed them - no stretch whatsoever and thus my leaks stopped.

If your straps do the same stretch trick - replace them. If not, then you might have a different problem.

No problems with mine
Maybe your hatch seals are not fully seating all the way around the opening. Try this: Make sure everthing is dry, then rub some water or oil around the hatch opening. Then, place your hatches firmly into position. Then take the hatches off and check the black, rubber seals to see if they are contacting the water/oil all the way around.

My Solstice GTS leaks too.
It was made about 2000 and I think it was a poor design. Atleast is doesn’t leak a lot about two cups in each end after a lot of rescue and roll practice.

Be sure to store it with the hatch covers off. Use some protectant on the foam / rubber seals when not in use.

Leaking Hatches
I have those exact same hatches on my Solstice. I had a little bit of water getting in, but after I adjusted the straps, it seal just fine. So maybe try adjusting the straps, or look to see if your bulkheads are leaking.

Did you try to adjust the straps? Is the rubber gasket in good shape and seat right where it is cemented to the hatch?