Legend and Greenlander

maybe some of you with the brains can comment. I have heard several references to the similarities between the Nigel Dennis Greenlander and the Nigel Foster Legend hull. Looking at a side view, it appears as if the greenlander has more of a shallow v but the rest of it looks about the same.

Just curious.


No brains but…
Been in both of them. I found that the Greenlander was more obstinate than the Legend. That is, it’ll only turn when it is sitting fully over on that chine. Other than that it won’t react. The Legend has a little more give, will turn with less insistence on placement, though it is still stiffer than softer chined or round boats.

know what you mean
I have an OI with very rounded soft chines and have spent some time in the Legend. I find it responsive and definitely more “indexed” than the OI. I had just heard some comments about the two and was curious



no one else?

i have limited experience but some
in each boat. i don’t know why you think they are so similiar, they ain’t. nothing is really that much like a Legend. look at the bottom. hard chined with a rounded bottom. i’ve never seen anything else like it. Glander is more like a CD Caribou, totally hard V. both are longish, with little rocker, but feel quite different. the Legend is way deeper, with a completely different cockpit feel.

how are these boats so alike to you?

didn’t say they were
said I was reading several comparative statements about the two and like you didn’t understand why.