Lendal Paddles

Do Tell!
So anyone prepared to say who the new owner/s is/are? Or we could run a poll and ask people to guess! I’ll start a process of elimination by saying it isn’t us (Valley)

I’ll guess
and say it’s Epic! (just blind speculation, with one eye peeking at the location of various posters.)

OK, I’m in …
total clueless guess:

Mark Bourgoin and Ponch Membreno?

Yeah,nice logo…

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O.K. O.K … I bought them out …

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and then decided to let an old company retire in peace with their luddite ways ...

Edit jus in case ... : )

Since were talking about rumors and since “if it’s on the internet it must be true” I’ll take a guess and say that P&H (Pyranha) is buying Lendal and bringing them back to the UK.

Happy customer

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I thought I posted an update to my Lendal paddle situation but I must have forgotten.

With much thanks to Rutabaga and Johnson Outdoors I now have a new Carbon Crank shaft and Carbon Kinetic Blades and my wallet never left my pocket.

I really like the Lendal Blade design.. I hope to see it continued by whoever is making it in the future.


Check the shaft for wrinkles
Look closely at the bends and see if there are any wrinkles. Should be smooth. Then, with blades in, give the paddle a good flex in both directions with one blade on the ground and the other in your hand. This simulates a re-entry loading in the shaft. See if you hear any cracking or you snap a spigot.

You might ask “why”… cuz you don’t want it to fail on a trip. Some shafts actually broke under paddling load. They typically fail at the lower bend in the MCS, ot DT. Or, the spigots fail.

Hopefuly you got a good one, but check it out. If it fails get another few sent and go through them all.

Good luck.

other rumor

NDK?!? (insert quality control joke here)

My previous shaft experienced premature aging, got it replaced after a long song and dance routine. Unfortunately, or, maybe, fortunately, only got FG shaft. Why fortunately? - the previous one was “vary-lock”, that probably contributed to the shaft slitting crosswise across varilock. The new one is good old 2 hole, might last longer.

I am sort of bummed - my Werner Ikelos blade yesterday experienced premature aging as well, if Lendal shaft breaks on the water I might be up the creek without a paddle…

Might Put Whole New Perspective

on the marketing of items with a “lifetime” warranty.

“shaft breaks on the water I might be up the creek without a paddle…”

Yup… they are getting Lendal by the sound of things.


It will be interesting to see if the paddles get updated or if they’ll keep the line the same. I would love to see some lighter foam core blades as well as the durable old school blades.

As far as quality goes I’m a bit concerned, ok a lot concerned…

Looks like a done deal with Nigel

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but..... Well, lets hope. Nigel is a guy who can make Lendal work, as he's kind of a central guru for the Lendal amabassadors and he's been involved with Lendal for years. Has the network in place.

My guess is the technology won't be upgraded right away, but solid, quality shafts and blades will be produced. Much of this will come from the same folk who did so (very effectively) for Alistair.

Right now it is with the lawyers who are working out the terms of sale and agreement. Nigel is authorized to say he's entered such a process to buy Lendal. But, I'm not a Lawyer and don't represent either party. I did have involvement on the front end and have followed progress.

Cannot invision why Epic would ever want Lendal. Seems a weird fit, and Nigel makes more sense to me. Again, I really really hope this works out without any snaffoo's.

I will say in JOI's defense: Even though they totally F'ed Lendal up, they sincerely want the brand to live on and are trying to see that it goes to the buyer who can ensure that it does. There's some face saving there I think.

I agree
A HUGE congrats to Johnson for not just letting Lendal fade away. Good on ‘em for working on making this happen. I’m hoping it comes together as I think it is a good fit for all involved.

As for Johnson, or Necky in particular, they have had some nice designs over the years and I wish them well too… and I must say…I sure do miss my old Looksha II, it was good for when a fellow wanted to go fast. And I’ve always liked the Chatham designs…which I know you know very well Salty :wink:

Cheers…Joe O’


Don’t worry Rusty
we’re on top of it!

Nigel is a guy who can make Lendal work
Very good news for Lendal and those who like their paddles.

It seems a very natural fit. Heck, most of the folk i now who like Lendal paddles use NDK boats;-)

I think it’s good news
to have lendal back in action and in the UK.

i hope they have a smooth transition back, and that we can all start to see some paddles coming back out, and maybe even some new designs.