Lengthy Newbie WW Kayak info for NE

tried 2 last week
Wave sport “Habitat” and the Pyranha “Burn”. the Habitat i paddled on the Saluda River but no rapids and the Burn I paddled down class 2 and slight 3 runs at the Whitewater center. Pyranha makes one smaller than the burn which looks interesting too.

I woudl love to hear opinions about these boats


both are creekers…
The Habitat is Wavesports new creeker and the Burn is Pyranha’s new creeker. Unless you plan on running waterfalls, technical creeks, and big volume rivers, a creeker is probably overkill for what you need. A dedicated river runner, river/play, or river/creeker would be better. In Wavesports collection, an EZG would fit the bill for river/play and the Diesel would qualify as river/creeker. For Pyranha, the Ammo is more of their river runner.

Get the boat that feels good to you.
Don’t let the terms creeker, river runner, playboat confuse you more. Yes, today’s creekers are made with forgiving edges and the extra volume aids in resurfacing after drops, but these very features will aid in your progression as a beginner. With a playboat style hull, you will be over a lot due to the edges catching in and out of eddies and ferrying. You will graduate to a playboat in time, unless you feel you are the kind that learns better by swimming more.

When it comes down to it, don’t over analyze. It’s all about enjoying your time on the water. Get a boat, decent equipment and get out there.

Creek boats are not for beginners
They have design characteristics that enable paddlers to deal with hard rapids, steep descents and fast water, and drops/holes. They are tippier and require more skill to control but are capable of more if you have the skill. That is not the place to start out.

This simply proves my point
Get the boat that feels right to you. You will hear as many different ideas as there are boats. I found a creek boat with forgiving edges and extra volume to be right for me, along with several other people in my winter roll class. Try the boats yourself and decide what is right for you.

If I was to choose a boat…
I would want to go the same route as I did with the Otter to Tempest 170 jump. given my history, I would only jump from boat to boat until I got the best one for me anyway so I prefer to rent, demo and see what is out there and I will get something way beyond my skill level but will work very hard to become competent.

since I did not know any better, the habitat and the the burn seemed like nice boats, I had enough foot room, and I certainly did a few drops at the whitewater center along with some fast currents and eddies. Nothing major but the boat inspired some confidence and i was able to roll it pretty easily. It just felt too voluminous and I was in the smaller Burn. Apparently there is a smaller boat with a harder edge and similiar deck to the Burn.

But what do i know? I just need to paddle more boats and see.


Thanks ALL!
It looks like theWaveSport EZ is the top choice - by opinion for our purposes. After we get a chance to demo and demo at both ZOAR Outdoor, and at Suncook River & Kayak - The EZ and the Big EZ can be had on Boater Talk - swap for decent prices. So, if after demoing - we;ll take a look. Thanks ALL!