Life span of a poly kayak

Assuming it has been stored inside, what is the expected life span of a poly kayak. A friend may be able to buy a 1999 Old Town, supposedly in great shape. The poly doesn’t get brittle or anything with age does it?

Forever when stored out of the sun.

My Loon is a 2001, no signs of
deterioration, just the usual use scratches. Its spent a good bit of its life on my truck racks…usually 100 or more days year on the water, so it gets a lot of Texas sun shine. I’ve a Necky Sky, 2005 model. Again, it’s seen a lot of sun and no brittleness yet.

Only the Pamlico 140
will last forever. All other boats will crack and turn to dust with age.

Think about this-
UV is bad for our skin- it damages it. Same deal with kayaks. UV causes brittleness, decreased life, and fading. Poly will last forever if the only time you expose it to the sun is when your paddling it. If it was covered with a tarp then it is protetected.

1980 vintage boats
A friend of mine has several old school WW poly boats from the 80’s, never seen 303 protectant, stored outside, but out of the sun, still work fine, no cracks, or other visible deterioration other than color fading.

Thanks …
…for the info