light weight kayak

Many people
use “fiberglass” and “composite” interchangeably. Current pricing on the QCC is similar to many straght glass layups.

Who said anything about short and wide?

Thanks for all the input !!!


If you can get one…
My husband had a chance to paddle their Quarsaat (sp?) locally, and we’ve seen their Expedition LV in conditions. These are nicely made boats, and they don’t have an importer so anything they have at SKG is pretty rare. Having hefted one, the layup seems decidedly on the lighter weight side.


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The 18' Endurance is 42lbs and $2600. The 16' is 39 lbs and $2400. Most 17' plastics with a rudder run about 65 lbs and they are usually lying about it. My CD Caribou S is 43 lbs and my Heritage Shearwater is 44 lbs with back band, thigh straps, skeg and an additional hatch. My wifes fiberglass Kajak Sports Viking was advertised at 43 lbs and weighs 51 lbs.

Just pointing out that whatever anyone
asks for, many never read and start offering opinions not asked for.

"they go ahead and load them up with 30-100lbs of gear to test them out. Odd."

That is the other “myth” of what boat weight is about.

Whether you can easily put it on the car, take it down and drag it to water, and reverse the whole process after a hard paddle, it’ll make the difference of how much you get to paddle that boat. So, spending $500 for a heavy plastic boat that you only paddle a few times is wasting $500, comparing with spending $2000 for a boat you paddle every single weekend! It’s worth “taking out a second mortgate” for the lighter boat.

Once the boat is in the water, the weight don’t matter any more. “Loading up with 30-100lbs of gear” is irrelevant.

On the other hand, I got so much exercise loading and unloading my boat, I now paddle a lot faster than when I don’t own a boat! ;o)


Shearwater Weight
I actually believe my Shearwater is 44#, and it might even be lighter.

Betsie Bay kayaks
Betsie Bay kayaks are very light–my valkyrie is 30 lbs, 17 ft long. They’re wood core, fiberglassed, and so light I paddle pretty much every day. They’re not cheap, but they are cheaper than kevlar–$3500.

QCC700X cabon/kevlar $3k 45 lb w/ rudder
QCC700X in carbon/kevlar with thigh braces, SmartTrack rudder system, just under $3,000 on sale, weight is 45 lbs on a digital scale.

I am more amazed by this kayak the more I use it, and it is remarkably durable. The gel coat/hull can flex quite a bit when you ride over barely summerged logs with no damage to the hull other than some rub marks!

in carbon/kevlar with rudder 45 lbs is just under $3k. $3,500 for just kevlar seems pretty steep.

My plastic boats have not softened
with age. They get slightly stiffer and under WW conditions, may even split.

Merlin XT

Thermoformed ABS plastic, not glass, but a sweet boat and light

46 lbs

Light boat - 32#
A skinboat such as a Greenland style or baidarka can be very light.

My 16’ 8" by 21" baidarka and paddle weigh in at 32# combined.

Cost was $1200 as part of a class. For me it is an easy one hand pick-up.


Congrats on the new yak!
Let us know how it handles, feels, and all the other good features.

I think once someone goes kevlar or fiberglass, they never want to go back.

Kinda like comparing your Huffy bike to a carbon fibre one!



Eddyline Carbonlite Kayaks
They’re light, fast, and have well designed hulls. The carbonlite plastic is almost as stiff as fiberglass, durable, and less expensive than other options. The only problem is that they all have high backs which makes some lay-back rolls uncomfortable.

Which Shearwater did you build?


51 lbs
Is what my Glass Artisan Millenium weighs, length is 18’3". I’ve found the weight to be almost irrelevant. The Artisan is perfectly balanced when held with one hand at the cockpit. This makes it a breeze to carry around. In comparison, my 45 lb CLC17 sucks to carry due to it’s bulk (volume).

Someone mentioned stiffness, which I believe is an important consideration. Of the 3 boats I have, 1 plastic, 1 fibreglass and 1 wood. The wooden boat is the stiffest of the 3. The glass boat comes next and the Carolina is a barge that noticibly flexes. The stiffer the boat , the more efficient it passes through the water.


Hurricane Aqua Sports Tracer
47 # but not FG. It is a thermoformed plastic. List for around $1300 but can be found for around $1100. Light weight, strong and good looking and made by a small company that still care about quality not a large corporation always looking to cut corners.

WW boats?
Are thicker than long plastic sea kayaks. WW thickness on a 17 foot boat would make it extremely heavy.