lithium batteries question

I bought a new white light for my pfd and i noticed that it said only USCG approved when using lithium batteries. does anyone know why you need to use lithium? I bought them and put them in and know they will last longer, but wondered if it was an environmental issue or what?


Lots of reasons
Much lower self discharge rate, performance is more temperature stable, Li ions tend die all at once rather than slowly fade, etc.

Lithiums have a longer shelf life and a longer working life that alkalines. USCG may have standards for both.

thought this may be the case…but wasn’t sure if there was more to it.

Maybe USCG thought many kayakers
were bipolar.

And for those of you
That didnt figure that one out.

Lithium was the drug of choice for crazy people in past decades.

G2D your showing your age.

Back in My Day
we called it manic-depressive.



sniff sniff

Lithium is still used, and should be the
first-tried mood stabilizer. And now they’re finding that lithium has brain protective properties with regard to stroke and dementia.

The third element, and the first solid in the chart.

Lithiums, not lithium ion rechargeable,
is what the OP is asking about.

What a couple of sick bastards you two

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are. Your making fun of people with mental illness? What the hell, why not take a few shots at other people suffering from ailments they have no control over. Got any Karen Carpenter jokes? Bill

Unfortunately I know
several folks who are on Lithium – at least until they decide they don’t need it any more…

We live on a bipolar planet, so I guess we should expect some bipolar people. Just don’t understand why they orbit around – and gravitate towards me. :slight_smile:


That’s OK, Bill, bipolars have entered
the mainstream. I used to run support groups for bipolars, for about 15 years. Most take care of themselves, and by and large they are much more normal than not.

Sometimes my instinct to defend the

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innocent is a little too strong. I grew up with a girl and a guy that became, or were, bipolar, it cost them everything including spouse, job, friends, and a great deal of suffering. The prison of the mind makes Agu Graib look like some kind of Barney show. Our prison system is filled people who are lost forever in the prison of their mind and the prison itself. Double hell, and no one is there to save them. The money and the will just isn't there. This is not necessarily a bi polar issue. I just don't see it as something to joke about. Someday I hope to make a difference for some of these people. Bill

ps- I apologize for hijacking a perfectly good thread and would like to hear more on the cost benefit of lithium versus standard batteries.

Mental Illness Doesn’t Run in My…

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It SPRINTS in my family. We crazies have got to laugh at ourselves.

I thought it was bad for you.
My father in law was on it for probably 25+ years.

I dont think it helped , But he definatly got worse when they switched him to something else.

I just thought it was an in-law problem.

Good catch
However, the attributes listed are similar, even more pronounced in lithium cells.

Usually easy to take if taken
consistently and with blood levels checked regularly. Many bipolars need more than one medication. But lithium is still the equal of any other option for mood stabilization.