Load Assist Type Kayak Loaders?

We tow our camper with a full size van. Trying to figure out the best way to haul a couple of kayaks(10-12 footers). I see Thule, Yakima and Malone all have a type of load assist. I’m thinking the best way to haul these would be to use one of these loaders and carry on top of the van. There’s also a RV rack that they are carried on a camper on the back vertically but this is $1200+. Which type of load assist is the best? Thanks

There’s a cheaper, easier way.
I’ve posted this a bunch of times, but making arrangements of some kind to slide the boat up onto the roof makes loading easy. On a van, it wouldn’t be easy to make arrangements to slide the boat up from the rear (and the camping trailer would interfere too), but there are other ways.

Standard “loading bars” that extend out end-wise from one of the cross bars make the job pretty easy. You extend the bar, lean one end of the boat against it, then lift the other end up and shuffle it onto the rack. Then shuffle the end that’s on the loading bar onto the rack.

Another method is to install a pair of lengthwise bars, each attached to the ends of the cross bars. You slide the boat up from the side of the car using one of those lengthwise bars, then pivot the boat into place once it’s up there. I learned that method as a kid, as it’s the method my dad used for loading small fishing boats onto a car roof. Loading a 12-foot aluminum Jon boat onto the roof of a full-size van by that method was quite easy.

Of these two methods, considering that you have a pair of boats, I’d expect standard loading bars to be easiest.