Loading kayak on compact car

this is my gripe with subaru

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...that some people seems to take personally to some extent. It isn't intended so.

But they had a niche and they blew it, in my opinion: They had the only RANGE of AWD cars that was low to the ground while still having more than adequate ground clearance, and they had a lower center of gravity, making them a bit more enjoyable to drive. They had one of the best rack systems in the business. They were exceedingly easy to cartop for any car, much less an AWD vehicle.

They chose to enter the mainstream and leave the niche that made them unique. Now they're competing with Toyota, Nissan and Honda on their terms.

don’t think it’s going to work
No, the bike carriers are attached by two straps and two flimsy hooks. And the design is for static weights not sliding weights.

I load from the rear, small car
The problem with side loading isn’t strength. It’s balancing a 60lb weight unevenly distributed over 16’ length. It oscilates: bow-up-stern-down, bow-down-stern-up, in 5 second periods!

So here’s how I deal with the issues the OP is having:

  • trunk got a beating: I have a “Bumper Bully” mat, originally designed to protect the bumper of the car when park on stretts. I flip the “bully” up on the trunk. It’s made of rubber, thick enough to protect the paint of the trunk.

    (1 thing that “beats up” the trunk is openninng it while the kayak is still on the roof! The top edge of the trunk is going to hit the bottom of the boat!!! Put a towel on the top edge of the trunk to protect the paint. )

  • Rear window: I put a towel over the rear window and the edge of the roof.

    I also throw a couple of gabage bags on top of all the protective stuff to make it slide easy.

    In my old car, the trunk lid was too weak that it eventually got pushed inward. The new car (BMW) is more solidly build so no problem after 2 years.

    With each new car, there’s a bit of trial and error process to get everything to work out.

whatever paulie
Maybe you should volunteer to load her boat for her if you think it should be so easy for everyone.

Only if…
ah’s asked in French!


Water slide mat
We use Thule’s water slide mat as well. It’s a great little invention, has rubber on one side to grip and softer side to slide. The picture shows it over edge hanging off a roof rack but can be used almost anywhere free-standing. We use ours over the edge of pickup tail gate.


just a suggestion
Thule Gateway 2 bike is rated for 70lb load, which is close to SK weight

Carrier is designed to carry those 70lb at highway speeds over the bumps and, most likely, was tested under emergency breaking conditions.

there is a market, I tell you!
(is this the invention we were discussing recently?)

nah, but why not
I saw the question posted, was walking from one building to another at work, noticed a small sedan with trunk mounted bike rack.

Just a plain PVC pipe plopped into cutouts would work as a ramp.

Might be something worth considering for folks with bikes and kayaks

Problem is length of kayak
First, the much-hated (by me) Paddle Boy will not go past the rear hatch (in addition to its other vices).

I do have another cart, the C-Tug, which can be placed close to the center. But that doesn’t solve anything if you load from the rear, in fact it’s worse than placing the cart at the stern because when you lift the bow onto the trunk the stern hits the ground. My kayak is 15.5’.

What’s a cutout?

Wird nie geschehen
Grund: ich verstehe Sie nicht und werde Sie nie verstehen.

Bike carrier has two round indentations/recesses to accept upper bicycle tube. I call that cutout

Good idea . . . sort of
The rack that you illustrate will definitely not support the weight of a kayak.

However, here’s one of my biggest headaches with a multisport vacation that includes biking and kayaking: constantly removing and reinstalling the bike rack and the bike to accommodate the kayak. Makes me nuts, really.

So if someone invented a contraption that could stay on the trunk, carry a bike, and serve as a kayak loader I’d be the first to buy it. If the bike could remain on the car while loading the kayak that would be heaven.

Another one of my pet inventions is a rear trunk for a bike, with velcro straps, a waterproof bottom, and water resistant sides and top, that could go in the cockpit of a kayak. That would solve another headache of constantly transferring stuff from bike to kayak to bike.

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