Long Canoe Paddle

I have done quite a bit of canoeing in BWCA and have used a 6 foot wooden paddle with a 20" blade for many years (I am 6’5" tall) but it is wearing out. The longest paddle I can find these days is about 5.5 feet long with a standard size blade. Any suggestions where I can get a long paddle?


Does it have to be wooden ?
check with Pat ONNO. He will make you any size you want.



Mitchell will make custom versions of almost anything in their line.


Long Wooden Canoe Paddles

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Onno's are very good paddles, but if it is wood you must have ...

I found a 72" wooden paddle with a 25" blade in Oscoda, MI. Believe it was an early Sawyer Canoe Co Paddle. Sawyer Paddle and Oar, no longer a part of the canoe company, is still making and selling paddles in OR. Believe they also make stand up paddles for surfers and such. I'm sure they would make you a 72" without fuss. Busy season, current delivery time is 3 weeks or more. Look at: http://www.paddlesandoars.com/ and their new catalog at: http://www.paddlesandoars.com/catalog/

FYI: Almost forgot! When I was talking to Shaggy at Sawyer Paddles I believe he said they refurbish old paddles as well.

BTW: Talking long paddles. The guy that had the 72" just sold a couple 96 inchers (special made for standing up when teaching to groups so students could all see better).

Hope this helps.




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Somebody is trying to give me a long paddle, and I already have one of about 6'. I never use it. It is too short to use while standing, and too long for practical use in paddling.

Why or for what do you use such a long paddle?

I sometimes paddle with an old-timer who always paddles an OT Tripper. He uses a long paddle in rapids so that he can more easily do bow and stern strokes. But once we hit flatwater (and that's what you have in BWCA, right?) he switches back to a more normal length paddle. Both he and I are about 6'4".

I'm a big believer in "whatever works for you," so I certainly don't mean to criticize, but I am curious to know why you like a long blade. The one I have is mighty heavy, to boot.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

p.s., I'll measure my long paddle and email you the specs. I never use it, and if you are interested in the paddle, maybe we can work something out.

shaw and tenney

Oops! Sawyer is a no on 72" traditional

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paddle. They are set up for maximum of 60" traditional. Stand up paddles are long, but have a tear drop blade and are bent shaft. Very busy: Special orders (oversized for jigs, ect) are currently taking into Sep to be done.

Sawyer suggested that you try Turtle Paddles near Port Sydney, Ontario. Said the owner is a super guy and does hand built. http://www.turtlepaddle.com/


Whiskeyjack Paddles
Go to whiskeyjackpaddles.com, they make fantastic wooden paddles like stand up surf paddles of different lengths. They even make a nice kayak paddle.

Foxworx paddles will do custom work for you. Great paddles, beautiful and tough. Prices very reasonable. Great customer service.

Let us know.
Be sure to give us an update on who you find to make your custom 72" paddle. And if you find someone to rebuild your old one.



Stand Up surf paddles, those are loooong. Grab a copy of Longboard Magazine, they usually have several makers listed. Most look to be out of carbon fiber.