Looking for a new Kayak


This is Camille Pierce and I’ve been a member of Paddling.net for a long time. Many moons ago, I bought an Inflatable Kayak which I used a lot. Recently, however, my Inflatable Kayak finally went belly-up. Anyone know who I can ask for assistance on buying another Kayak? Preferably hard rather than soft sided. It was such a pleasure and I really hope I can use another Kayak in the near future. Your help is appreciated.


Camille Pierce

134 Dakota Avenue #310

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Give a few specifics on…
where you paddle, and what type conditions as well as a cost ceiling, and your likes and dislikes, Sit in vs. sit on, etc and you will get a bunch of replies.



your personal info…
It might not be a good idea to put your address on this forum. it’s risky.

Also tell us your height, weight, and shoe size. It does make a difference.

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are in Santa Cruz and could definitely help you out. Look on www.craigslist.org for used boats in your area. Santacruzmidwife who used to post here quite a bit paddles up in Santa Cruz, search for her name and then shoot her an email usiing the email icon, she may be able to to guide you to the best spots to buy a boat.

no need for that other than your general area.

You can hit the edit button and blank it out.