Looking for Kayak Cart feedback

I’m looking for feedback on a new Kayak & Canoe cart company called Vee Cart, www.VeeCart.com - Anyone own one of these? They look awesome.

My experience

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with similar carts held on by a mere strap is that they are much less than awesome. They don't tend to stay on the boat securely. Try paddleboy.com

Interesting note: on January 3 waterhark said he had one for a year. On March 4 he said he had one model for a long time and is now looking to buy another. On March 24 watershark seems not to have one, but is asking if others do. If this is guerilla advertising, maybe you could send Brent a check for using his board.

I have a V3

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I own a V3 and am happy with it but I want to know if anyone acutally has a V4 or V5 model. This is no advertisement. I used to own a V5 (sold it with my canoe) but it was a totally different design. The support bars removed. I wish I still had it.


I have one
and I am not too happy with it. It slips off of the kayak as you pull it. I admit I haven’t spent a lot of time figuring out how best to strap it on, but with the general directions it doesn’t work well. I’m sure with a little thought I could do better at tying the kayak down, but I also don’t want to strap it on with a complicated procedure that takes too long to get off. After all, the point is to get into the water. :slight_smile:


I think
For a canoe, you really have to strap your V5 tightly under the center of gravity. Paddleboy Molly employs a “hardness strap” http://www.paddleboy.com/pages/product_pages/Molly_assembly.html

Thanks, the harness strap is a good idea
I guess most carts will slide off the back of a kayak due to its shape. I use a bungee cord on my V3 (tail-dragger cart). Without the coard it would be impossible to transport.

I don’t
h ve this cart but I always make sure that my carts wheels are under the cockpit and then one strap behind the cockpit rim and one around (under the lip) the front. No problems.

Another one:

I love these guys’ bike trailer–no experience, just the look of it.

Those of you who understand kayak carts can tell whether the paddlecart is a good one or not, but I thought I’d add it to the list.

I want to find an old kiddie trailer (for behind a bike) and adapt it to pull my kayak to the lake (less than two miles). I have an old one, but I’m currently using it as a cargo wagon and don’t want to give that up.

Homemade Kayak Cart
My husband made me a wonderful kayak cart out of PVC. He put 12" round by about 6" rubber tires on it and I can roll it anywhere. Makes the whole process of getting to the water so easy and enables me to keep it in the garage and not leave it out at night. We got the basic plans off the internet. Do a search. Good luck.

i have seen and played with the molly
cart…and have always thought that there should be some thin minicell foam/stickyback neoprene on the “v” shape to provide some traction…