Looking to get a new paddle - advice needed

personally 220 would be long for my high angle paddling in any of my kayaks 32’ to 21" in width. I an 6’ also. matter of choice. I have Ikelos 205 & 215 for high angle was looking for a 210 used Ikelos

I’m also 6’ and very comfortable with a 210cm Cyprus.

A Werner paddling coach/rep suggested a 210 to me at a trade show a few years back. While I wasn’t sure at the time I went with his recommendation and I certainly don’t regret it.

I’d look at the Werner Tybee, great for the money and would make a great back up if you decide to upgrade later on.
These Accent paddles have been showing up lately, and seem like a lot of paddle for the money.

I like the accent but read somewhere that the blades are plastic and they bend some- was only one review but if true then I want to pull it off my list for 200 bucks. I think at this point I am down to two:

Bending Branches Slice Hybrid

  • 210 cm
  • $130
  • More high angle
  • 30oz



  • 220cm
  • $190
  • More low angle
  • 28oz

They are both nice paddles but I have one question. Are you okay with the feathering options of just zero degrees, 60 left or 60 right?

Amazon has a Carlisle Expedition for $129.99. It is the Fisherman model, which means the blades are olive green, but other than that, it is the same as the regular Expedition. This really is the best paddle for the buck and is at least as good as the Bending Branches paddles you are looking at. The Navigator has it on esthetics, but I would go with the Expedition at that price and learn to like the color.

Went with the navigator- figure if I don’t like it the GF will. I do hope I love it but we shall see.

Thank you everybody for your help.

I hope it works out well for you.

Love the Navigator - it is fantastic.