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hey Kris.

Where are some good spots to put in at the beach?

Know of any free parking areas?



torso rotation
I got a chance to watch the Olympic kayak racing videos. got tired just looking.

I tried to emulate the rotation in the tempest and think I understand for the first time the wind up and unwind to get the power out of the torso instead of the arms. However, with a 220cm paddle, I really felt that I needed shorter as my elbows were still bending a bit or if not that, my wrists were almost in the water with a few inches of shaft.

The torso rotation necessitated me holding the paddle at a lower angle than I was used to. Just thought it would be more efficient with a little shorter paddle.


Are you practicing in water, or just sitting on your boat on dry land? If sitting on dry land, obviously, you’re not going to go high angle and whach your blade onto the floor/ground.

Torso rotation really has nothing to do with the angle of your stroke. It’s more efficient to have a correct size paddle so you’re stroking close and parallel to the boat. Otherwise, you have a tendency to yaw with a overly long paddle and a low angle stroke. A high angle stroke with a long paddle is also not efficient since you’re want to bury the blade way too deep.

If you have a correct length paddle for your angle, with a torso rotation, your torso, bent arms and paddle shaft create a “box” in front of you that just moves with each stroke/rotation. There is minimal, if any, bend motion of the elbows.


that is exactly what I as trying to say…I was burying the paddle way too deep.

South end of Ft L Beach
Along A1A at 16/17/18th St. No life guard section so launching OK. Other spots I can think of you have to pay and can’t park as close to the water.

so how was your birthday? did your girlfriend get you a brand new kayak?



Hey Greyak
Article on the web: note the reference to George English Park.

The Broward advisories were dominated by results from test sites on the Intracoastal Waterway, not beaches, said Howard Rosen, environmental administrator for the Broward County office of the state Health Department. These sites include George English Park in Fort Lauderdale and North Beach and Van Buren Street in Hollywood.

Three Broward beaches experienced five or more days of advisories, including beaches at Commercial Boulevard, the Pompano Beach Pier and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Rosen said the Pompano Beach pier problem is likely the result of droppings from a pigeon colony that has caused high bacteria levels for several years. The others could be the result of heavy rains washing animal droppings and other contaminants into the water.

This year the county replaced three testing sites on the Intracoastal with sites on the beach to better reflect where people actually swim, so Rosen said he expects next year’s numbers to be much lower. In general, he said there’s little reason to worry about swimming at the beaches of Broward County.

“Broward has good beaches,” he said.

Still, Young voiced concern about the source of the water contamination.

“The next step is to find out what caused all this bacteria and what can we do to correct it?” she said. “These beaches are important to the state.”

Sounds like…

  1. It porbably’s more of the same everywhere, but they only test those spots, and…

  2. It’s really not much of a problem?

    I did notice some construction/digging near the park.

    If I get time later I’ll hunt around for more info. Still like to find a website that has current info an updates for local waters.