make your own PFD???

pfd surgery but now fit into Lotus
I used to keep my PFD behind my seat, but the local club rules say wear it. I did and I was miserable. Nothing to brag about but I float too well, not as far out of the water as ten years ago but I’m miserably fat from prednisone and years of ill health and therefore I can still float standing up not moving with my head out of the water.

So I found a cheap Stearns one but it kept hitting me in the mouth paddling, so I did surgery on it. It worked much better and no one noticed.

However I went looking for a better paddle and found instead an adult Lotus x Large - couldn’t fit into one in April but this time I either got lucky or lost an inch or so. Maybe paddling has helped my overall fitness level?

The new paddle will have to wait until next season.

Next time I paddle with the club, I will be in an unaltered pfd and expect to be comfortable as well.

There are times a person might want to custom make their pfd - not all of us fit the normal human body shape expectations.