Making a quick-release for portage yoke

More pics?
JJoven, any chance of some pics of the clamps from other angles?


will work on it.
right now i need new batteries for my camera!

Maybe tomorrow.

I built a seat hanger with cut outs
in front of the seat to hold the yoke. I hold it in place with a couple of loops of bungy cord. It is very simple and secure. I’ll post a foto if I can figure out how to do it.

Sea wind pad

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I carried one of Micks Sea Winds once. From the looks of it and knowing Verlens habit of using easy to obtain standard material I think the portage padding is made from regular neoprene duct/pipe insulation, Armaflex orsomething similar. Being a plummer by trade it is a product which Verlen would be very familiar.

here’s new link
a few more pics. Any questions feel free to ask

Thanks jjoven
That helps considerably. A question though. On one pic it says the ear rides on top of the gunnel, which I assume means the face of the gunnel that faces the sky as the boat is in the water, but in my mind I picture it fitting on the outside of the gunnel on either side, sort of “capturing” the sides of the boat & controlling side to side movement. Is my assumption correct & I’m misunderstanding your terminology(I’m a rookie at this stuff)? In that case it would be boat, or at least model specific I assume, which would be fine in my case.

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Carriyoke - 62-30090
This is a neat one if you’re talking about a solo canoe or a canoe with a middle seat.

It is the first item listed on this page

I saw it last year at Canoecopia. I was thinking about buying it. I didn’t but wished I did. I think it is a neat system.

the ear captures the gunnel, sorry. The yoke is specific to the width of the canoe at the balance point, in this instance 28"(solo canoe). The slots give a minor variance in width however.

I once retrofitted a commercial “Voyageur” clamp on yoke. These are long yokes supposedly made to fit any size of canoe. But we found the clamps didn’t have enough holding power and the yoke would slide around on portage and eventually pop off the canoe, sometime in a precarious situation.

I solved the problem by taking two flat pieces of aluminum 1/8x3/4x3 and making a “gunnel clip”.

Bend a small lip on one end to capture the gunnel. Then drill a 1/4" hole in the other end to fit the width of the gunnel and install this under the tightening knob. The sequence on the bolt is: knob, gunnel clip, clamp.

It was a little fiddly to get the yoke on but once tightened down hull couldn’t flex and the yoke stayed put.

simple to make
That Mad River combo bracket looks pretty simple to make. Just get the balance point right.