making rice/dutch ovens

not a bad idea
I’ll have to try that (dehydrating)

but it was my impression that minute rice was cut, with no germ–the part that’s good for you nutritionally

Its not about fuel
cooking in dutch ovens is a discipline all to itself. Sure you can use butane, propane, naptha or even little balls of dung to cook your rice, but for some of us, doing it the old fashioned way is part of the experience.

As far as not boiling things in a seasoned dutch oven, its no problem provided you have been taking proper care of your equipment, especially the part about no soap when cleaning. You should not bring things to a hard boil anyway, a slow simmer does just fine and will not impact the seasoning. Cooking tomato based stuff is actually worse than boiling in them as the acids in the tomato can cause the seasoning to come off.

No Mann
It’s fine…I was crotchety way before the alloy!

On the mark!
There are dutch oven clubs for folks who like to cook the old way. I think they are the best way to cook if you have the time and a way to haul them. You are right about tomato stuff. I try to cook at least two meat things like a roast or stew after making chili or spaghetti sauce. Haven’t tried rice yet, but it should do as well as stove top at home. I get lazy about rice and use the instant stuff in the camper. At home I make brown rice in the pressure cooker. That would be another option camping. They don’t take much heat once they are pressurized.

Couscous and angel hair pasta…
…are better choices for cooking with limited fuel. Both cook in 5 minutes or less. Yeah, I like rice, but when camping, I like convenient food that’s done quickly more.

parboil and roll up
in freezer bags w. a touch of real lemon juice or rice wine vinegar. Have also used tomato sauce since that is also acidic and can be spiced up as well. Does very well in moderate to cool weather & takes far less time to finish in boiling water.

Angel hair is too fragile
Couscous is one of my staples.

Orzo would also be another quick-cooking, compact, nonfragile starch.

How is that a problem? It makes it easier to break it into a typical camping pot. Besides, you’re going to chew it into small pieces eventually.

add to that
Minuit rice and instant noodles, both are fast cooking.

Camp pressure cooker?
If you’re set on good rice while camping (Long grain, Jasmine, true Basmati, etc.), perhaps a camp pressure cooker would be useful? I’ve never used one, but pressure cookers in general are fabulous for making rice.

GSI makes the following: (it can be found on Amazon a little cheaper)

Heavier than a titanium cook kit but certainly lighter than a dutch oven. Could be versatile.


very cool!
e x c e e d i n g l y


and its tough to backpack an NDK

If you buy it.
If you wind up trying that camp pressure cooker, post your experience with it; it seems like a nifty device. I’ve been hymming and hawing about it for a while now. So many other toys to blow my hard earned cash on.


I paddle an NDK and I take my Dutch oven (sometimes two) The oven in its case bungees on the flat back deck very nicely.

When camping
I cook my sticky rice in my rice cooker the morning I leave for a trip. Rice lasts at least 3 days at room temp. I let it cool down and put in a collapsible container or in a zip bag. Sometimes I stoop down to using Minute Rice, but only if I mix it with soup, stew or some other entree and some spices. Growing up in Hawaii, rice is a staple in my family. My sister still uses our rice cooker from 1975. Mine is from '91. Rice, soyu eggs and spam …yum.