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You are probably right…

I was able to find out that it has some additions to it from the basic 76CS, but it’s a couple years old.

I bought it new on eBay for around $160 - that’s about half the price of the newest “X” models, and money was what I was trying to save…What’s your opinion on the beast, though, because I COULD sell it back on eBay and make my money back, or a small profit. Will I be disappointed with it?


Garmin Map76CSX

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I had a Map 76 for about 3 years and upgraded to the color CSX because it is much easier to see on the water. Both units have endured numerous dunkings without incident. The CSX can use uploaded bluecharts-great for coastal paddling. The built in tide tables are very useful also. I use an auto mount (the semipermanent type) on the deck of my fiberglass kayak, with a safety strap. In addition to the very helpful navigational assistance, I also find the constant speed output very helpful. I can rapidly see the impact of minor changes in my stroke--so it helps keep me in efficient paddling mode. I use rechargeable batteries and carry a spare set, but have never had to change out a freshly charged set.

just ordered the garmin 76 for $100.
My old magellan died after 5 years. Great for training. Most gps will not show you how fast you are going and how far you have gone. They are for camp. For $89 the forerunner 101 is a deal at garmin gps store

I was under the impression that Garmin’s with the meant that they had the senors for compass, altimeter, and barometer. Is this true? I doubt that you’ll be disappointed with the unit you bought