Marine VHF radio help

I’m looking to get a Marine VHF radio but not sure what to look for or what brand. Also on pretty tight budget but also want qualitly and reliability.

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

Icom M1v or Icom M88. You definitely want a lithium battery and the Icom’s seem to be the most reliable in the waterproof department.—Rich

Those and…

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Uniden Voyager. Very happy with mine so far.

Usually about $199 - with sales/coupons around maybe less.

The Standard Horizon models have nice size/features too - but I've heard too many stories about leak/returns (but also that they have excellent replacement policy.

I also got a West Marine ad in the mail recently - they have a new store brand model that is smaller than before and has Lithium battery. All button design - no twist knobs. Looks promising for about $169.

West Marine is also good about standing by the product.

UNIDEN President (LTD 925)
About $110.00. Has NIMH battery for primary plus 6 cartridge akaline battery backup.

Nice, I was eyeing up the Uniden Voyager. Looks like a good product and some good prices if you search hard on the Net. Am going to look into the others mentioned as well…

Icom m32
I just bought a Icom M32 and love it. It is very affordable (about $159) and submersable. As far a reliablity goes I have used their aviation radios for years and alot of abuse and they hold up very well.

The west marine radio tempts me!
Absolutely looks good with jis 7 waterproofness

we’ve got
4 standard submersable 260 it’s their 6th yr. Unless I’ve got the model # wrong , it is the older model and works very well , we are a tour group and run trips all summer long the standard battery pac last up to a wkends use that’s 16-20 hrs. depending onamount o transmitions . The icoms that we had that were also submersable did not hold up like the standards , the cheaper newer standard works well but the sigle knob (on-off ) has a tendency to get turned on-off from the lightest pressure. We’ve donated about 8 icoms and standards to the deep from new guides not securing the radio’s to their PFD’s , And the newer model I spoke of has a rubber plug for the charger that breaks off and then it’ll corrode in salt . Scotch tape over it works , ya just gotta take care o them things and a lil vaseline on the knob an atena mounts helps fight corrosion. Hope that helps.

Icom Mv2
Great radio . Dropped it in a parking lot and it bounced a couple of time but is working just great. Shop around and you’ll find them for about 130. FishHawk

maybe we just got lucky
but a friend found the uniden Voyager vhf on sale at Sam’s Club for $88. in one week we bought 15 units & now we all use them on the yaks while out on the waters of tampa bay. getting the NOAA weather reports is a real plus. not sure if the Sam’s Club in your area would have the same offer, but check it out if you can.

$88…may have to check a Sam’s out. That’s a deal. Have found Internet prices as low as $144 for the Voyager. Looks to be a very nice model.

Voyagers on eBay
I got my Voyager on eBay for $125 and got one for a friend for $119. There’s one on there now for $128.95 at the buy it now price.

I’m very happy with the radio. I haven’t dunked it yet, but it’s definitely been wet. No troubles!


Bought a used Standard on Ebay…
model HX 350S…it’s a submersible and has been submersed with no ill effects…I really like it…check out Ebay…