Mariner Elan:Pros/Cons?

Borrowing Boats…
Thanks for the offer. Maybe, at some point. I’ve come to realize that borrowing boats is really not an “easy” of a process, especially with folks who are not exactly the same size as me. It’s the changes in outfitting – adding or subtracting – that really makes a boat feel and work well. Generally, I don’t want to mess with someone’s outfitting too much. Conversely, it’s like the ww and the surf boats that I often use are so outfitted and finetuned for me over time, that I’m getting reluctant to let someone else get in the boat if they are of a different size. Takes too long to take the outfitting out and then to readjust it afterwards.

Too bad Seaward won’t do the Rumour. I did get to sit in L’s Rumour in a pool to do some rolling and sculling. No fuss since we’re about the same size. Felt good in the pool but don’t know about in rough water though. :slight_smile: