Market for used composite long boats?

Very few Pnetters…
left from that time…

I remember being interested in the Perception Sole as one of the few kayaks for smaller paddlers (along with with mstic, tchaika, vela, rumour).

I always thought picking the name of a boat as one’s handle, e.g. you and Dr. Disco, is like tatooing your first love and “mom” on your biceps and/or chest. More likely than not, obsolete if not regretable… :slight_smile:


Got out on the coast there yet?
Are you in your new house in WA?

Selling specialty kayaks
When trying to sell a kevlar Pintail and an ocean cockpit Outer Island both with only minor cosmetic issues, I’ve certainly had the experience of little or no interest either in our paddling club, eBay, or on PNet despite ridiculously low prices. Plan to try next year at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival–maybe an enthusiast audience will be a better bet. Haven’t tried Craigslist in NC as I’ve mostly seen Dick’s Sporting Good plastic rec boats.

On the coast but NOT in the house

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It's not finished yet, so I'm renting a tiny cabin with about half the household in storage. Truck and boats in storage, too, so I have to bike to them first before paddling. I'm getting around by foot, bike, and bus for everything *except* kayaking. Husband, dogs, and rest of household will move when the house is done, which is still a few months off.

When our house is done I'll be able to cart boats to the nearest water. Will still always have a truck, though--want to paddle someplace else once in a while, too! And camp from it on the road.

Fine if you have 2 at your disposal (nm)

At the time…

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I tried a few different "handles" and none were accepted as they were already taken.... so I put that one in and it was accepted....I've got no tattoos, no earings , no body art.... what can I say... I do have a love of paddling as I use many different craft....Come on Sing... are You getting somewhat personal here? There might be many here who choose stuff to leave us to irrationally come to perceptions about others. Maybe my biggest mistake here was to ask how many use this site during their working hours. SO.... where does "Sing come from...." As an addendum, I liked the Corona a bit more than the Sole' although they both had the same outfitting....again, the best of what I saw in the offerings... I probably was a better fit for the Sole' then...... not now...gained about 15 lb. since then...

Nothing Personal. Just Noting…
Back then I had a thought someday you would likely not be paddling a Corona solely, or at all. Ditto Dr. Disco with his Riot Disco. Same with the one with the former handle, Tempest170. Not a big deal. <br />

“sing” is my given Chinese name. Haven’t had that taken in any of the boards I had/have participated in.


It had to suck to fall in love with seakayaking and live so far from the ocean.

I still working on buying/moving to a house near my homebreak. I want to be able walk over, surf post nor’easter dawn patrols and then be able to take a bus or ride to the subway station and catch the train to work. No craziness with digging out to get to the break after a snow storm. That’s the current dream at least.


Dubside’s "commando kayaking"
He doesn’t (didn’t?) own a car at all. Got around with the folder on public transportation.

That’s a bit too much for me, but I’m very happy to all but eliminate automotive dependency for routine stuff. It’s how I lived for years in greater Boston; my first truck was only used on weekends to get away from the metropolis.

While sometimes inconvenient and often more time-consuming than just driving to everything, there’s a feeling of freedom that comes from choosing how to get around instead of being stuck with only one way. I really love seeing everything around me at a slower pace. Best of all is being in a small town that’s lively all year-'round yet there’s uncrowded singletrack, farms, and beaches…all within city limits.

The really fun stuff comes when we’re in the new house. I’ll be able to take multiday trips without driving at all. If I plan well, I can combine the kayaking with hopping the ferry, too, and go farther away. If that’s not motivation for keeping “at” learning more, nothing is.

Funny, a bigger adjustment than driving much less is realizing that there’s no such thing now as sea kayaking without a wetsuit or drysuit (unless I drive inland to a warm, or at least not cold, lake). And I wear the PFD 100% of the time I’m on salt water.

Every time I see someone with a folding bike, which is fairly often, I think of your post about that.

I’m a jack of all craft…
and definately not a master of any. I really like my Valleys on the Great Lakes but In the shoulder seasons, I prefer my solo canoes. However, when camping out of a boat on inland waters(sortof less and less the last 3 years) I would paddle a nice solo canoe first. I’ll be the first to say that I’m a beginner even though I’m a somewhat capable paddler in conditions I’m somewhat accostumed to. All I know is that I do get to spend a very fair amount of time on the water…

flip side
Can’t find a used Impex Force 4 in Carbon/Kevlar. Saw one on classifieds last summer - within a day’s drive - but oh right, it can’t be red. because somehow all our kayaks are red and my husband, whose boat this would be, wants something different (not a white deck either).

There’s a new material called paint : )
A boat’s color can be changed, if it’s that important to someone.

Fast sea kayaks are popular in the racing crowds. Try the classifieds on,,

and places like that.

I’ve sold twenty something canoes in the last two years. Brand new old stock blem canoes were going for half of new MSRP. Price seemed to be THE driving factor of ALL the sales, new, used, or totally beat to death canoes.