May be picking up a vintage 16' fiberglass kayak and need some insight

I don’t know much about this but I know a lot about collecting odd castoffs people want to get rid of. I’m drawn to them like moths to a light.

I would take it and save it from the dump.

Once I got it I could then take my time thinking about what I might do with it.

The worst thing that could happen is I would have to haul it to the dump.

I don’t disagree with the others here that it might not be cost effective to finish it and actually use it. You will never know until you put it in a pool or pond and see for yourself.

Crackle Barrel would take it as is and hang it from the ceiling.

Maybe add some pontoons and a sail???

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Thanks for sharing your experience with restoration. I understand how projects can add unexpected costs, and I’ve been there many times, especially with cars and motorcycles. I try to learn from my past mistakes and keep things manageable these days.

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Your boat looks amazing! Nice work!

I definitely don’t want to spend money aimlessly, but I also know that with any project, I’m never getting my money back. I bought a 75 VW Bus for $2,400 that I put well over $8,000 into, but I sold it for $5K. You’re always beholden to what the market will bear.

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Thanks for the thorough insight. You gave me a lot to think about and I’m paying attention to observations that it may not float well at all. I’m no longer leaning toward getting it.

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That makes sense. Thanks!

You’ve bucked the trend among replies in this thread! It’s a really tempting opportunity.

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You and I share that same drive to save things that people no longer find use for. I’m very much a person who can’t stand seeing things just go to a landfill, especially something that someone spent a lot of time and effort into making.

I definitely think that the boat would make a great decoration in a seaside pub or in a rustic cabin. I hope that even if I don’t pick it up that the owner will consider that.

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3” hole saw some holes in the bottom. Spread some on the deck paint it. Insert flowers in holes, cockpit, and hatch.


Seen people do it with old kayak or damaged ones.