Maybe this explains why some people pack light, and some don't

Oh my god… is there a bridge in there?


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You had mentioned Millbrook being a composite whitewater canoe. On another forum I saw someone post a Bell Ocoee that was made back years ago. (Photo attached)

I was unaware Ted Bell had made a whitewater boat so I started took for information on the canoe and up pops up a current Northstar Ocoee that they are resurrecting from the Bell Ocoee. IXP and Aramid would be a very nice layup on this boat.

Originally released in Royalex by Dagger in 1996, the mold was sold to Bell Canoe Works in 2003, who continued to produce it in Royalex. When Ted Bell sold his company, Nova Craft Canoe of Canada purchased the mold and rights in 2013 and produced the Ocoee until Royalex was discontinued. Northstar acquired the molds and reworked them for composite. Now the redesigned Ocoee is available from Northstar (Ted Bell’s current company) and is being produced in IXP (Innegra & Aramid).

Here is the new Ocoee rebuilt.

It makes me wonder if the Dagger canoe I paddled on the Bois Brule was a predecessor to the Ocoee.