Michigan Paddler, new to site

Concur about shuttles on a day trip when in a sea kayak. Too much time shuttling. Lots of coastlines to explore in most estuary systems, especially the Chesapeake.

A week ago an upwelling sent those coastal Lake Michigan temps down to the 40’s and 50’s. Take a look at the thermal gradient map on this report from August 3. I used to swim and paddle along that entire coastal strip that is blue, from Frankfort to Saugatuck during my years in Grand Rapids (and during summers when I was a kid and had grandparents in Muskegon). Also lost two family members to drowning due to a sudden storm off Pentwater. Not a lake to underestimate.

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You sound like someone I need to know. New to this site but I live in Hamlin.

I’m in the Hamlin area as well, lol! Looks like we should organize a local paddle sometime.

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