Missing kayaker in Austin

march 10, 2007
Here is our ‘log’ from the paddle on lake austin:


We put in at a boat ramp just upstream of the dam separating Lake Austin from Town Lake and started paddling our heavy slow plastic tandem up towards Lake Travis.

Lake Austin is narrow lake and runs for about 20 miles between Town Lake and Lake Travis. Lots of NICE houses along the banks and perched on the slopes of the surrounding hills. Sometimes we would

have steep cliffs right next to us. Actually it was very beautiful along the river (even with the urbanization) as this runs thru ‘hill country’

When we started at 9 am it was just us and some fishing boats. All of the property along the banks appears to be private so not many places to take a ‘break’ There was a boat ramp and some portapoties

under a highway bridge approx. 3 miles from the putin. About 3 miles further along there was a waterside cafe and two miles further (8 miles from the putin) was a large public park with portapoties and camping.

The lake is very clean, with fairly clear water. After the park there is not very many houses so getting out for ‘breaks’ is possible. We don’t know what the last five miles or so to Lake

Travis dam look like.

We paddled fifteen miles up from the putin and turned around for our return trip. Our trip up had been mostly pleasant with calm waters and a light breeze. as the day progressed and especialy after we turned around for the return leg, the lake filled up with power boats heading uplake and down lake. It was like we were paddling along a two lane highway. The calm waters became confused chop from all of the traffic and each boat that passed (especially the ones

that slowed down and came off of plane) sent a wake headed our way.

It definetly took more energy paddling back to the putin. We wern’t too worried about getting hit since the boats tended to stay in “lanes”. Well not too worried except for the three times we crossed the lake with traffic coming from both directions.

it may be better to leave this lake for winter paddling when the boat traffic might be lighter.

Even with the boat traffic and the choppy water on the way back it still was a fun paddle. 30 miles round trip.