Missing the point part 2

I wasnot critizing anyone and sure did not mean to stir up a ruckus. I’m as guilty of loosing sight of what it’s all about as the next person. All it was was an observation. Vaughn Fulton

Welcome to P.net
Sometimes they don’t let you get away with anything. Most are harmless but the’ll let you know if you get out of line.

same Vaughn Fulton I got hammered with
… at The Dubliner back in 1998?

I have been "missing the point"
for years,

Every time I think I have found it, someone tells me I am missing the point.

The next time I find it, I am going to hide it.



Then why did you send me snotty email?

Look under my PFD!
It’s over…now where did I put that damn thing?

Never mind … what was the question?

I hate snotty e-mails
They’re really gross. Still haven’t figured out how to clean them with a kleenex.

when i get a new boat
which is almost always a well-used old boat, i use it for a while just like i got it. sometimes the previous owner(s) had good ideas. i don’t change anything till i get the hang of it. maybe pnet is like that. maybe its a good idea to learn it like it is before trying to remake it into something you like better. pnet has been around a while

It was a good topic. If you don’t put it
on the Paddlers Discussion Forum, I will.

Not the same. Vaughn Fulton

Especially in cold weather
they leave silver streaks on both cheeks when you are paddling hard.



Snotty emails?
After receiving a snotty email, I am always compelled to update my virus protection and run a complete scan of my system! LOL


Ditto! NM

Missing the point part 2

Is this a 4 part series? Is there more to come?

Vaughn, I think I am missing your point. Please elaborate on your observation. How are they missing your point?

You can paddle, but you can’t hide.

Is this B&B?

Change your posting name
to Super Troll!!!

How else would you get 50+ posts about absolutely nothing at all.

The point? There is no point grasshopper…if you concentrate on ‘the point’, then you will miss all the beauty in the water below.