Most efficient canoe paddle stroke

so when you kneeled, how much further than 13 inches in front of your knee was the placement? I kneel with a straight and my placement is about 12 inches forward of my knee, but I don’t go “no where” as you say. I go very well that way.

Well that’s just great …
… dadburnit , here I was thinkin that I’ve become effecient and advanced my stroke to near perfection and along comes g2d to tell me he’s been there , done that and discovered otherwise after many years being were I am now , well that’s just great … dagonit !!! … at least I can have some consolation knowing now that my stroke has name " Canadian style " , I like that !! … thanks g2d , and I’m just fussin with ya , Im pretty certain what you said and what you’ve learned over the years is the most effecient but I’m also thinkin I might be too lazy to make a standard practice with the quicker cadence/shorter stroke style … crap , now I’m thinkin I’m lazy too , just can’t win …

Sounds to me like you are looking…
for some kind of argument.

It has been years since I knelt, but I can answer your question by saying if I was in a lilly dipping mode, I would be taking life easy with my butt back against the seat and your thirteen inches sounds about right.

On the other hand, if I was racing, I would have my back straight, and reaching forward, and it would be much further forward than that.

I’ll let you pick the amount so you can’t jump on me.




Lighten Up…
Not lookin for a fight at all. Although that wild expletive, “Holy Cow” might truly be enough to set many people to spoilin, I’m not one. Just trying to get more efficient by hearing of other styles. I’m not very dogmatic about these distances and prefer, during an in-water recovery, I feel for the center of rotation to begin my next forward and that is usually around 12 inches although I’ve never actually measured it.

So you would have been happier …
if I used “holy s–t” ?

Maybe next time I’ll use “golly gee whiz”