Mostly Solo Canoe recommendations

Had a Ranger Otter pass through…
…my hands earlier this year, and put it through it’s paces briefly. Nice boat for the money. Wants to go straight, and has good glide. Should work nice for the OP.

I’ve never paddled one, but I did
take a good look a top-of-the-line Kevlar Otter at Kittery Trading Post a few years ago. Design seemed to owe a little to the old Henry MRC shallow-vees. Good careful hand layup, too. Quality trim for the price.

I can see that…
It’s a good place to put the extra weight, but not very comfortable for the non-paddling passenger. No doubt that solos can handle the weight if you can place it well.

I have a pack and…
Added another seat up tight in the bow. With a second person the “bow seat” becomes the stern seat and the original seat in now the bow seat.

I did lower the seats and it I think it paddles better and feels more stable with a second person.