Motor Reccomendation for Canoe

What is a good canoe to buy to put a trolling motor on or a small outboard engine. What size trolling motor? I am looking for a 15-18ft canoe.

Thanks for the advice

How about None?

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This is a really poor time to consider an oil burning device to power your paddlecraft. Get a couple paddles, get fit and get green.

Ask over on the fishing board for
a better response.

trolling motor
Consider a jet ski instead, trolling motors are a bit slow. A Minn Kota 40 would work fine though, and it’s a chick magnet.

Ditto on the size
I have a Minnkota 44lb thrust motor on my 16’ Square stern. Is yours a square stern?

Have used an electric trolling motor and
a gas motor. I got tired of hauling the battery to power the electric motor. Always worried about it tipping over. I now use a 2hp Suzuki motor mounted off the side of a 17’ canoe. I made the motor mount out of oak 2 x 4’s. A tank of gas seems to last all day. I paddle down a local river to fish and then motor back up to put in.