Mr. and Mrs. old people with disability

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At this point the doctors have not prescribed pysical therapy, as he is very strong. Also have not restricted him in any physical activities, just diet and vices. It wouldnt matter, anyways because he will keep going.

For him to stop doing what he already did they said would cause more stress than to continue with his physical activities.

He did know how to enter and exit a canoe before the stroke. He just isnt getting now. I am recovered/recovering TBI (tramatic brain injury) from an accident, and had to relearn how to do everything including typing and using computers, Im not the same person, but I do know it is possible to be in a better way, even after the doctors said I wouldnt improve anymore, I didnt quit and have been rewarded by that and hard work.

Hubby is of the same mind set as that and because he loves fishing and wants to be on the water, than to me following your passion is some of the best therapy, of course life vest worn is a must.

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I have balance issues and a laundry list of problems.
Here are something's we do / use:
Well first you need to hunt for a light weight canoe don't give up you will find one in your budget if looks don't matter.
We used a cart with a 100 lbs canoe and got by but it was hard.
We use a custom made (chunk of wood i hacked up) dual transom
On my bad side (left) we have a trolling motor
On the right side we have a custom made (old shaft bent and ground with a pvc blade i cobbled toghter)tiller with a long Handel.
The tiller blade adds an amazing amount of stability to the craft.
We are so used to it if it hits a rock and tips up we feel tippy.
This configuration gives us the ability to motor up stream and paddle / float back to the car with out worry of fatigue. Fight strong winds without injury.
With a long tiller Handel and a comfy seat we can cruse for hours paddle a little here and there. There is plenty of what we call required paddling to give our old butts exercise and just getting in and out and loaded unloaded.
We cut swimming noodles and put them over the gunnels for
Padding we bruise E Z
Loading and loading ( one person can set the bow on the car got to the stearin and slide it on with out scratching the roof no other pads needed)
We use bleacher backers about 20 bucks for a good one on our seats. With added boat cushions.
For loading the heavy canoe solo I made a block and tackle rig with tip poles it only requires 6lbs of pull to load the 100 lb canoe.

If you are interested in a tiller set up they are EZ to make email me if you would like help with any of this stuff.
Limitations are shackles we apply to ourself s

Go get a Old Town Saranac 146. Also get a set of Stabilizers for the canoe. The Saranac series comes with padded seats and a padded adjustable backrest. I have 3 collapsed and 1 ruptured disc and 2 bulging disc and I paddled 8 hours Saturday in my Saranac 160. It is a great boat. Here is a link for the Stabilizers.

The Saranac 146 retails for I believe $549 and the Stabilizers are $239.

this is a good idea
I was looking at that one now that aquanaut has shown me how to haul the canoe onto the roof, and I already have a cart, so ty for the link to the stablisers. :slight_smile: