Multi-Day Paddle Trip - What are your

There are only about 10 essentials
in a typical survival kit, so anything beyond that is not essential.

I’ve been working on my packing list for several years and recheck it after every trip. On most trips I use every item I bring except for emergency items. So I considered everything I bring to be important because it all gets used.

and solar charger.

Platypus of wine.

The three add to a relaxing time between dinner and sleep.

or a pleasant afternoon if I just feel like being lazy.

stuff to bring
I want to camp with seatosummit.

Non essentials?
Pipes, tobacco, and The Glenlivet.

Oh wait, you were looking for NON ESSENTIALS?

I dunno, TP, food, water?

Wanda The Inflatable Boat Bitch

Go in style
I once traveled overnight downriver with fold-up aluminum table, full size fold-up chairs, linen table cloth & napkins, china plates, wine glasses, T-bone steaks, potatoes for baking, salad, two bottles of wine, charcoal grill, 3-person tent, inflatable full-sized mattress with fitted sheets, comforter cover, pillows, portable toilet, and separate changing tent. There’s nothing like roughing it in style. :slight_smile:

I would love to see you
in Algonquin with that kit… No I won’t help on the portages.

Answering the question is really kind of just another way to pass the time…pretty much like playing Candy Crush.

Clearly the canoe guys take alot more
Boy the canoe guys are really spoiled with all the extras they take. Being a kayak only guy I cant take many extras. A crazy creek chair, a solar shower, and maybe some junk food (potatoes chips).