For me it’s a SOG Paratool…
I never leave home without one of my two SOG Paratools. It’s never let me down.

I’ve had this Victorinox for years. Other brands may be as good but I really don’t think they get much better than this.

Good Luck!


I second the paratool
I carry mine everyday. You can add/remove tools in it and the belt sheath can be carried horizontal or vertical. I use the horizontal to blend in with my belt and make me look less like Batman.

Gerber is pretty cool.
I have one. You have to slide the pliers out to get to the tools. It has one thing that has been invaluable. A replaceable blade. It takes standard saber saw blades. Currently it has a carbide grit blade on it that will cut anything.

That one feature has been the saving grace a few times on my sailboat.

My other multitool is a Leatherman Juice. Nice tool, and more rugged that it appears. smaller than the Gerber but still very useful.