My Drysuit makes my head blood red

Holy Disturbing Gimp Suit!

That is very disturbing…

Very very disturbing…

You must look like a…
blood-engorged TICK!


stick a pin in your head
to relieve the pressure.

watch out, you may fly around the room. :slight_smile:

andy you are gifted
some of these need to make the pnet weekly photos.

gotta stop eating those eggs doc.

That’s hilarious!

That’s him without dry suit!
That’s how he always looks.

Whoah nelly!
Everyone here seems to e overlooking the fact that his neck gasket seals REALLY well! Not a drop of water may enter.

Seriously, an idea came to me while reading CWDH’s post. If you could use a metal cylinder (can, paint can etc) for a stretching form, would it be possible to trim the gasket with a piece of fine piano wire or a guitar string? Carefully wrap the wire on the gasket, overlap the ends by half a wrap, and pull steadily until the latex cuts.


full of hypotheses

did you see marathon man?

I didn’t want to refer to the term
"garrotting" lest someone identify me from my days as a secret agent.


That’s some interesting thinkin, Jim,…
…and it might just work. Would also eliminate that panicky maneuvering I somewhat failed at, in trying to maneuver the razor during my rotational incisising towards ending cleanly at the point of beginning.

However, if we’re unable to free the frosty doc from his current status as the Minstrel Michelin Man, we’re gonna need to tack his hands down before you employ your pianofinisimo experiment-in-the-round, whereafter Loco Docsy rolls with the fishes of Sleepy Hollow.

Oh, how about stretchin’ that neck gasket around a healthy loaf of braunsweiger and feedin’ it to the meat slicer?


"minstrel michelin man"
ok you have risen to a new high with that one…

That is why I got a Semi Dry Suit
This is why I settled for a Semi Dry Suit.

I could not stand anything tight around my neck, especially like a Laytex Neck Gasket.

“For my style of paddling”, I am satisfied with the Semi-Dry. It has Neopreme around the neck, and it does work well for me.

Good Luck trimming!