My First Kayak - What should I get?

Just got another kayak
Well, I just got another one…lol. I found a Wilderness Tarpon 120 for my wife. It looks like it costs about $880 online and I found it for $475 with a paddle.

Now, I just need one more for a 12 year old boy…any suggestions? I want a SOT and was probably just going to pick something up cheap from Dicks.

much faster
Wow, the Wilderness Tarpon 120 is so much faster than the Prowler 15 :frowning:

Good News
Well the good news with that is either you will get a better workout keeping up with her or she can take it easy and paddle at your speed.

SOT are typically (typically!) slower than sit inside.

much faster?
That’s weird. They’re both relatively wide sit-on-tops, yes? And the Prowler is almost 3 ft longer. You’d think it’d be faster.

Maybe your wife is pretty fit and/or has some good paddling technique? Dunno.

good choice
"…so I figured if I didn’t like it I could just resell it."

I like to call that the CraigsList Rental Program. I’ve gotten to try a number of different canoes this way.

good point
Yeah, good points. I guess I’ll keep the Prowler. Both my 12 year old and wife are kicking my butt across the lake in that Tarpon. Maybe I’m just a terrible paddler…but, yeah, the workout is certainly there!

Speed difference
When you get in the Tarpon and one of them is in the prowler are you faster than them?

If so then it is possible that the hull design of the prowler inhibits its theoretical displacement speed because of the resistance of the shape of the hull. I’ve seen it in some boats especially when I get my fat self in a boat designed for a light paddler.