Narrowing Gunwale width

Checked Rocker
I checked the rocker when I pulled in the gunwales and sure enough it hogged the keel line! I could see a least an inch of daylight under the center of the keel line. Went back to original width. Like I said before if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it!

I decided “not to” pull in the gunnels
… at this time , basically because I didn’t feel like moving the seats (to lazy today) …

The Brazilian Mahog. has a very nice color to it , just used clear (no stain) , has an orangish color .

It is very strong like much harder woods , but very light like Cedars almost , naturally rot resistent like Cedars , Cypress , Teak , etc.

The cost you have to pay is in the final sizing (labor time) .

Some may not like working with it because it requires extra truing and has an oily stringy grain . When cutting to size , it’s a good idea to start out with oversized intial sizing (rough cut) and then true it to desired final nominal demension . Reason for this is because even though kiln dried and looking like a perfect board before cutting , it will bow both ways after cut , hence you will have to make that perfect board again by thickness and edge planning … after you have a true board in the size you desire , it will stay that way … unless you cut it again , lol .

I have played around with my roylex sandpiper a lot and learnd a lot and ended up with a good 32" wide low draft super manoverable crik boat. I have no opinion on doing this to a composite boat,but it sure was fun switching seats and thwarts!