native watercraft

Does anyone know anything about the new Native Watercraft boats? They look like a sort of canoe/kayak hybrid.

Not much information so far
Mostly going on the reputation of Andy Zimmerman the owner of Legacy Sports/Native Watercraft/Heritage/Liquid Logic. He formerly owned Wilderness Systems. The Native Watercraft boats look interesting on their web page but I’ve only talked with one person who’s even sat in one at a trade show. Nobody I know has paddled one yet. If you’re near upstate North Carolina you might try the factory to see if they have a demo set up. I’m pretty curious about it myself.

It Looks Awesome

I haven’t paddled it yet but sat in one in my local independent dealer’s warehouse. It has a unique seat that will be giving Wildy a run for the overall comfort champion and has been designed and outfitted for the fisherman’s convenience. It had a large center tunnel similar to the Ride and should be very stable.

My dealer will not consider stocking any new boats unless he and his staff have had personal time demo and inspect. All were very impressed with these boats. One was telling me how well it tracked with the adjustable skeg and well as the maunueverability with the skeg up.

It will be interesting to see the response that they had at two recent boat shows in the D/FW area. I would bet that it was most positive.

sponsored event in MI
It’s a ways off yet, but but:

Craig Kivi, a local professional fishing guide in SE MI, is sponsored by NativeCraft and will be presenting a seminar on kayak fishing on June 23 at the Kayak Solstice near Jackson MI. For more info go to www.quietworldsports/summer-solstice.html

Summer Solstice sponsors (and these include Current Designs, Wildy, Heritage,Hurricane AquaSports, and NativeCraft)will have boats for demo.

Not sure where you live but might be worth checking out.

The Compass line was formerly Compass Cayak of Bristol, RI. I’ve carried them and still have a demo model or two that I go out on the Hudson with with my hound in the bow. Helps the trim even though she’s usually trying to bite the water.

Boat wise, extremely light layup at 17lbs. Tracks very hard. Point it at a target and that’s where you’re going. Surprising for a 10’ boat. Zips along at a good clip and handles a day’s outing worth of cargo nicely.

They used to sell for $1300-$1600 for the Carbon/Kevlar layup for the 10’ & 12’9" versions, respectively.

See you on the water,


I think this is the boat the original
poster was referring to.

There are some other threads already on this boat if you do a search.

here info on the old company…neat boats…

Talon had one at Raystown
I think it was the Ultimate 12 model. It seemed like a nice stable fishing/ floating boat. That seat would be great for watching TV and sipping beer.

Talon tried poling and stand up paddling for the first time when we floated the Juniata. Looked very stable to me.

I tried kneeling in it paddling with my canoe paddle. It felt pretty much like a short wide flat bottomed boat, kind of slow and unresponsive. I’m suprised to read that it’s 30" wide. I’d have guessed it was wider.

IMO the tunnel doesn’t buy you anything but less space inside the boat and higher drag. It might be a comfortable floater and a stable platform for fishing but I wouldn’t want to have to paddle it far.