Necky Manitou 13 sea worthiness?

Tsunami Kayaks
5’7" 215# here (former powerlifter/bodybuilder) and the Tsunami 145 works well for me, even when loaded with up 75 - 100# camping gear and water. Actually my wife’s Tsunami 140 is a better “fit” (more contact area for better control) for me but I like the higher weight capacity of the 145 for extended camping trips. We really ike the Phase3 seats in the Wildy boats. I have replaced the higher back seat in my 145 with the Tempest style backband and have added hip padding (Wildy/Harmony kits) to both boats for a tighter fit at the hips.

Nice all around boats for a variety of uses (although I am now trying to get used to my “new” Nordkapp RM for paddling in Lake Erie.)

Capacity isn’t all

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As above, manufacturer's estimates are just that. Especially regarding maximum capacity, which is an attempt to marry two not-precise measures, gear plus paddler weight.

If you look at the descriptions for intended use and target performance requirements you get a better idea. The Tsunami 125 is stated as being extra deep for a larger paddler, but it makes no particular claims about the hull design being one intended to grow with an improving paddler. By contrast, the 140 description says:

"This wildly popular, versatile kayak offers a balanced fit in cockpit size and length. All skill levels can take advantage of stability and performance features."

In sum, there is more to a kayak than how much stuff you can put into it before it sinks. A short boat can handle less well than a better-tuned slightly longer one, that kind of thing. As you do more paddling this makes more sense.

Dagger Alchemy is a great boat!
I also have the Dagger Alchemy 14L and LOVE it! The S may be an even better bet for both you and your wife. I would definitely look into the Alchemy. I’m 6’ and about 275.

Tsunami 145 and float bags
Float bags are good even when you have bulkheads but you definitely want them when you do not have bulk heads. white water paddlers never go without their float bags.

You your usage and weight I highly recommend that you try the faster Tsunami 145 if you like a loose comfortable fit and paddle float re entry. If you want a snugger fit try the 140. The manitous seem to plow with the bow when paddled by larger paddlers.

Tsunami 140 for 5’7" 150 lb woman?
Perhaps I should go with the Tsunmi 145 and my wife could go with the 140.Since we can only demo the 120 and 125 I may purchase a 140 both try it out.Tough decision with limited demos available.I do appreciate all the experienced advise.I have gone from being pretty set on the Manitou to being pretty set on the WS 140 or 145.

Not able to tell for sure
I don’t know this like well enough to be sure for her between the 135 and the 140 - really may depend on her body dimensions. Her weight puts her closer to the 135, and its deck is still 14.25 inches high. Her height could make the 140 more comfortable.

Suggest that you email flatpick, on this board. He knows these boats better than I would for this call.

if you liked the 120/125

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you will certainly like the 140/145... similar fit & comfort & stability to the 120/125, with more legroom and storage space for multi-day tripping, slightly narrower and faster, day hatch, only marginally heavier. you would probably fit in the 140 but depending on your build you might prefer the 145

your wife might certainly fit in the 135 but the listed deck height is wrong, it's a lower-volume boat... 11" clearance under the deck, 13" total height to the highest point on the coaming. I love that boat but you gotta pack real light if you use it for camping. my wife paddles our 120, it's a good fit in the hips

Tsunami 125&145 sluggish/slow?
The more I receive feedback and read reviews the narrower my options are for my weight.

Frontenac Outfitters review of the Tsunami 125 states:“After extensive test paddling by Frontenec Outfitters team members we could not justify stocking it! Although only slightly wider than its siblings (Tsunami 120 and 140) the 125 is much more sluggish and less responsive.Instead we recommend WS Tsunami 120,135,140 or 145 as they are exceptional day touring choices, but take a pass on the 125!”

As for the Tsunami 145 -Several reviews on this site state that the paddlers liked the 145 but found it to be noticeably slow.

If I trust these reviews then it leaves me with the 120 or the 140.

The Fontenac site states their reviews are not based on “overstated” manufactures figures but on their own extensive testing and knowledge.Fontenac rates the 120 for paddlers from 115 lbs to 200 lbs with a max capacity of 240lbs. Too low a capacity for my 210 lbs(Probably a perfect boat for my wife at 150 lbs and 5"7"tall.)

The 140 is rated at 150 lbs to 230 lbs for paddler weight and max capacity of 275 Lbs.I would be at the upper end of the capacity at my weight of 210 Lbs. There are no Tsunami 140s available for me to demo only the 120 and 125.At $1229 the 140 is a rather expensive toy to purchase without a demo.Not sure where to go from here.

I’d spend $1299.00
and get an Alchemy…

Still in the hunt.
Demoed Tsunami 125,140 w/rudder and the 120.The fit/stability of the 125 is good for me but I do find it sits a little low in the water and feels a little sluggish for me.My wife really liked the 125 and she dumped the 120 when trying out edge turning but not the 125.She also found the 140 a good fit, stable and faster than the 125 for her but turning the 140 seemed to require the rudder.The 140 was quicker and faster up to speed for me but I felt top-heavy in this boat.Did not even try the 120 because of that. The 145 was not available for demo and I have read that it is slower than the 140 and is approaching 60 lbs with the necessary rudder. We booked lessons at lake Mead kayaks and will be using Eddylines.Will see.The Tsunamis did perform surprisingly well in the 15 to 20 mph winds we had.Bottom line is we loved being on the water in the kayaks.Still considering a Delta 12.10 but have read that it does not track as well as the tsunamis in the wind.I do not want a rudder dependent boat and double bulk heads is a must since it is apparent capsizing is going to occur in a kayak.Looks like we may be spending 1500 to 2000 on thermoform boats since we intend to keep the boats until we are too old to paddle.

BTW if we purchase a boat not locally available for demo through REI is it returnable if it is not right for us?