need advice

excellent advice
The Mystic might be the easiest of this group to find - they seem to come up used too. My wife’s first kayak was a Mystic, and at 50 y.o., she could make it dance right from the start. She loves it. She’s 5’4" & probably around your weight (I would never ask). The other boats on Nancy’s list are great ones too.

at 5’7" and ahem lbs i regularly

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load my pungo 140 atop the pseudo sports car ('92 toyota celica coupe) on my own.

if i'm feeling really cocky i hoist it atop from the side. but more often than not, i simply place a pool noodle over the rear spoiler and slide it up over the back.

i paddled a 16' cape lookout a jocassee rendezvous a few years back. i loved it! i think i remember being told the now discontinued cape lookout was replaced by (the same as?) the current tsunami. (people in the know feel free to correct me.)

speaking from my own experience, it might be a good idea to look into a 14' tsunami as your next boat. the necky manitou is also a good suggestion. both th tsunami and the manitou (along with a s&g arctic tern) are the models in the running for my next boat.

the previous is all "FWIW" in the hopes it will help you in your considerations. :-)

Tsunami 140
After 5 years with an OT Loon…which is very stable, much like your Pungo…I got a Tsunami 140 and I love it. It is still a stable kayak, but it’s faster and handles boat wakes, wind, etc. much better. You also have more control due to the smaller cockpit with thigh braces. After paddling the Tsunami for 2 seasons I’m almost ready to part with the Loon…something I never thought I would do!

Building option

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A nice combination of stability and agility for smaller folks.

tsunami 125
I paddled a tsunami 125 for a day on the big, slow, Missouri River. I liked the craft. It was responsive and stable. I don’t own one and probably won’t, I’m long-legged and have a knee that is some-what uncooperative at times, so entry and exits are a bit harder in this boat than in my own craft, but I enjoyed me time in the Tsunami.

good all around boat
As mentioned, eddyline Merlin Lt, should be perfect for your size.