Need help identifying a Blackhawk canoe

I have a Blackhawk canoe that I would like to identify and possibly sell. (Unfortunately I need the $$). The boat is 12’10" long, is 28 1/4" at the widest part of the gunnels and weighs 39 lbs. The bow of the canoe has more of a rake compared with the stern. The stern is almost straight down. It is fairly shallow and has a shallow v hull. The gunnels are wood (Ash? Mohagany?) Over all the boat is in really good condition. There is a small repair to the stern, just below the waterline. I will be able to take pictures of the boat tomorrow. If anyone might know anything about this boat and it’s possible worth, I would appreciate your reply. Thanks and happy paddling!

It does sound like a Shadow 13 which is a cool boat for sure. Great info from The Bob. Shadow 13 used to be top choice for freestyle…great handling and great for cruising…great all around boat. Blackhawks don’t get as much money as they are worth, except to the very few people that know the boats and want them. My buddy recently bought a Shadow 13 in near perfect shape for $400. I sold a totally cool fiberglass Zephyr with mahogany trim and a few repairs for $350. I’d say your boat is worth somewhere in the $300-$400 range and you might get more but you’d be lucky. Seems like a crime that a superb piece of art would be worth less than a cheap plastic kayak.

I concur
I agree with Tom and Bob… Blackhawks are wonderful canoes, but their isn’t alot of desire out there for them. At 39# for a 13 foot canoe, there are lots of newer more deireable boats that weigh in at 8 pounds less.

So you might find a buyer between $400-600. I’ve seen several Shadows sell in that price range in very good condition.


Hi, Thank you for your input. Yours and everyone else’s replies have convinced me that I should keep it.

I think you made a good decision.

Don’t be in too big of a hurry to sell; the money you gain if you sell, or lose if you don’t probably won’t break you.

After you’ve paddled it for awhile, you may be very glad you decided not to sell. If not, well, I’ve never seen much of Colorado & if there is a Blackhawk there, who knows…

Scout around; you just might find someone who will do a decent repair for a reasonale price.

Good luck,