need help to paint a canoe.

OK here it goes.

I baught a olf fiberglace canoe…

i see some crak all over on it…i think it been burn by sun and its realy old…its only for the back pond.

i dont want to put to mutch $ on it…just to paint it.

something tuff…and flexible.

any ideal what paint or product i coud put on get a cople more years off it…?



I have an old mohawk
fiberglass and I just slap a fresh coat of some cheap brand oil base gloss enamel on it every couple of years. It holds up just fine and I use mine in shallow rivers occassionally, so it should be more than ok for pond duty.

Latex exterior paint, maybe the "oops"
cans at your local paint or big box hardware store are the best paints for what you want to do. Dynamite Payson, one of the guys that started the modern wood boat building craze has, in the past, recommended it for the fiberglass finish on wood boats. A friend who builds wood boats uses it on his less expensive wooden boats. Takes a beating, has flexibility, and is cheap. Painted my Mohawk 17 ft glass canoe with house latex years ago and it has held up well.

I just finished painting

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an old canoe with Interlux brightsides. It's a linear polyurethane enamel. It is a single part enamel and is more flexible than the two part epoxy paints and it looks fantastic. The paint is not designed to be used extensively below water but will work great as long as you don't leave it in all the time. Try ebay - A quart did my 14 footer with two coats and a little left over. You could probably paint a 17 footer with a qt and you can even thin the first coat out with mineral spirits. It will need two coats for maximum sealing and protection.

Dynamite Payson -- Brings back memories, I built his gloucester dory years ago. A fun project and I had fun rowing that around for a couple of years.

…or other anti-rust paints will work just fine. Relatively cheap, oil-based enamels, good durability, easy to match for future touchups.