need help with row boats

Try this website…
…a friendly group of dory and other row/sailing boaters:

Good luck!

i’ll check it out.

tried one
I stopped by on my way back home and tried out the Pygmy Dory and its a sweet rowing boat. I even got to take it out into a two foot chop and it tracked and felt very stable at all angles to the waves. I know that my lab would love for me to add it to his double kayak for trips.

you in the glades?
i paddle from pine island sound to ENP regularly. if so, how would a boat like that do in the larger creeks? i know totch brown used one, but he was obviously a master at pretty much every backcountry skill.

great rowing boat
fo;r your application. Its lite enough to lift over the shallows and narrow enough to get down a lot of the tunnel creeks. The Pygmy would be alot more fun in the back bays when the wind kicks up and the waves get stirred up. ( Iv’e seen the back bays around E City get plenty rough) and I think the extra stabilty would feel nice. I been out in those bays in all kinds of boats from my Hewes to my Kayaks and canoes and think the dory would be a nice way to go. Now if you want to bust into the back country ponds off the turner, for snook fishing, I would recomend a narrow John boat. I moved from EC so am quite fimilar with that area. The row boat would be alot of run on Fishing eating creek also.