need norkapp advice

two boats, the Jubilee and the H2O have the same profile to the water …soooo… are the same as far as your stability definition.

All three of the newer Nordkapps are also very nice rollers. very smooth and dependable. The older pre-Jubilee Nordkapp rolls ok, but has a edge to it, not noticed when rolling the newer versions. and the older version does not have the back of the combing lowered to help with layback rolls…it rolls ok, but not as nicely as the newer versions.

I believe that other than speed, the 3 newer versions of the Nordkapp are nicer handling. surf better etc.

That is why my desire to actually see something of an actual Nordkapp LV for people that need a LV model, and not just another boat to fit a 180 to 220 pound person.

It is kind of like going to a store that sells shoes and the salesman says…here…try on this size 15 shoe (even tho you should have a size 8 or 9) oh it’s a little large…just wear more socks…it’ll be fine…(aka - pad it out)so you put on about 6 or 8 pairs of sox and go running, thinking that now they fit because the shoe no longer falls off as you run.

My wife is paddling my old Nordkapp because after trying everthing she could, There was nothing she found that she liked better and kept saying so. I listened, so then we stopped looking at buying her a new boat and instead I bought a 3 pc Jubilee HM (I like no skeg too) from Brian Day after he came back from his trip to the Bering sea with Stan C. (Aluetian Islands)

This is why I was asking Robin Goodlife a few years ago, about building an LV Nordkapp (before he retired) In fareness to Peter, I understand that Robin never conveyed anything of our conversation about an LV version. Robin had told me that it was in the plans to build one. So The LV Nordkapp credit (for ever having been built) goes to Peter. (Robin always did move rather slow on things) I wanted my wife and all other smaller framed people to enjoy the same fit and feel in a good expedition boat , as I had been able to find.

My wife really dislikes anything even as wide as 21 inches…she says that would be her absoulute width limit. A sleek 20 inch wide Nordkapp would fit the bill for a nice profile for smaller framed people and also fit the go fast crowd, that like the older version of the Nordkapp for it’s speed. I however, like the “cheek meat” added to the original to make the newer Nordkapps handle better…I believe that it did exactly what it was intended to.

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She should try…
A Force 3 and a Rumor. The Force 3 actually fits and works for small paddlers, but still has touring capacity while the Rumor is great day/weekend play boat for a smaller paddler. At least that is what my wife discovered after many false starts looking for a boat that actually works for a 5’ 110# person.

Fortunately for me she tried an Anas Acuta and I ended up with it. At 5’ 10" and 180# I suppose I am big for it, but feels good to me.

Force 3 is and was on her list to try last year. It wasn’t out at the time we were looking. Cheri had one with her last year , and Danny had one…just didn’t take the time yet…it’s on the list for her to try. I tried the force 4 last year and also was going to try the 3, but not sure exactly why it didn’t happen. I personally prefer my Nordkapp tho. I tried the Rumour last year too and it is a very nice boat for a small person. I would still probably lower it’s deck maybe an inch or so. the deck seemed high for that particular boat. I’m 205 pounds so I had to tip my hips to get into the boat but once in it I took it out and rolled it several times even tho the skirt I had on didn’t fit. (It sat very low in the water with me in it, the cockpit wasn’t under water anyway.) I just never put the skirt on the boat. The rumour rolled real nice and the boat handled very nice. And it is pleasantly fast. In fact I recomend it to anyone in the small size range as something to try. I’m not sure why they made the cockpit rim narrower than they made the seat. especially since it seemed like a special made size cockpit. I fit in the seat fine (well a little tight) but the cockpit rim is about an inch narrower, I brused both my hips getting out of the boat, and people were offering to help pull me out…Instead I had them hold the boat and I pryed myself and wiggled myself out…must of look funny to the bystanders.

My wife tried the rumour last year too and figured that as a day boat she would keep her Anas Acuta (I had to buy myself an Anas Acuta, because of that)

The older Nordkapp was what she wanted to replace if anything.

And she loves Nordkapps…When we first heard that an LV was comming out, she was even looking at and trying to pick out a color…imagine her suprise when instead the LV just turned out to be a shorter version retaining all the width etc of a full sized Nordkapp…I guess my analogy of a size 15 shoe would be incorrect…it would more like making a size 8 of 9 shoe but leaving it EEE

in order for me to convince my wife to change boats , a boat just doesn’t have to equal what she already paddles…it has to beat it and also look nice. The older version of the Nordapp is a very fine looking boat…classic beauty

However a Nordkapp with the lowered rear on the combing, 17’ 4" X 20 " with a 11 inch deck hight built using the design of the Jubilee hull but retaining the nose of the older nordkapp, it also only needs the rear hatch to be an oval…2 inches rocker in just the back of the boat with a HM hull…We would again be looking at color charts.

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HM to Anas Acuta
Like others here I found my Nordcapp (an HM) too buoyant when lightly loaded - switch to an Anas Acuta made all the difference. I’m around 165lbs.

Seems to be a case of try out a few boats till you get the balance right.