need some paddle repair help!

in trying to repair this two-piece paddle, i messed up. the female side had cracked, so i wrapped it in fiberglass and epoxied it whole. only, the cracks didn’t get entirely pressed together, so now, when fitted together, the paddle wobbles all around at the connection.

any thoughts on how to tighten the fit, either by thickening the outside of the male end or the inside of the female end?


Time for a new paddle, or…
…epoxy the whole thing together as a one piece.

Ditto That…
now you can try that 0 offset you were asking about.


paddle repair
Can you cut off the old ferrules and just install new ones? While I can’t suggest where to buy new ferrules, I do know that they are available. If they will fit the shaft of your paddle.

A Dremel tool will cut through the fibreglass and the ferrule so you can remove it. Or a good grinder would do the same job.

Use an slow-curing epoxy glue to install the new ferrules, and away you go!


well now sing …
i want to try out the 0 degree offset but at the same time i don’t want to be married to it!

at this time, cutting off the ferule seems like my best best. but i’ve also thought about dipping the male end in polyeurethane or some such, about a dozen times, and see if i can’t build up that male part that way. what do you think?

Make it one piece
Put some epoxy on the remaining male half of the ferrule and inside the cracked female half. Slide them together and set whatever feather angle you want. Wrap with a few layers of wax paper and clamp with a couple of hose clamps. Firmly, but not super-tight - you just need to pull everything together.

Once the epoxy sets up, lay a few wraps of glass over the joint. Lay the glass at an angle so that all of the fibers cross the joint.

I 've Tried That

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with a loose ferrule (not even cracked) with a bit of epoxy on the male. The "fix" only last for about several sessions.

Would suck to have catastrophic failure out on a big day...



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mintjulip: did you say hoseclamp? hoseclamp! i just ran out and got one and, i've got to say, that's about all the fix i need. just epoxy that hoseclamp in place and nothing more needs to be done. it might not make for the best looking paddle but this thing's pretty ratty-looking anyway. thanks for the great idea! (i just wish the clamps were a little more streamlined but you can't have everything.)

sing: i'm going to turn this paddle into my back up and get an onno. you have one, right? i'm thinking about the newave. what do you think of it for waveski use? what carbon layup did you get? any modifications i ought to ask for?

NeWave Paddle
I use this pretty much for all my surfing. Big blades with sharp tips. The sharp tip goes in smoothly and the blade quickly loads up once you hit the meaty part. The bigger blades are great for bracing, which I do a lot more off using the waveski when going through the break zone.

Here’s a pic that gives a sense of the blade size relative to other paddles:

Call or email Pat and just tell him what off set and whether you want right/left hand control, offset, single piece or take apart. If you’re hard on your paddles, you may want the carbon hybrid rather than the carbon signature.

I have the Carbon signature and a 15 degree offset. I don’t rotate as much when surf paddling. I only need usually to do 3 or 4 quick strokes to get on the wave.


well I meant as a clamp
until the epoxy cured.

But if you’re happy with a hose clamp in the middle of your paddle…