Need suggestions for lady paddlers boat

at Marshall…Your thoughts?
Hey Marshall, what’s you thoughts on the Scorpio(not LV)? I’m 6’ 180lbs and I have been looking at those for a sea yak that is maneuverable enough for getting up the river as well. I have heard of skeg control issues, and I am not sure the Corelite would hold up to oyster beds or tree root scrapes. I don’t want to puncture the layers and allow water in. Not sure if it’s even possible?

I have had 3 Scorpio’s, in my past fleet. 1 regular and 2 LVs. I have no problems with the Corelite . I live near the NC outer banks, and have numerous run ins with Oyster beds. The corelite holds up well.

The Skeg in the pre 2013, was awful. I had numerous issues and all where unreliable. The slider was a poor design. I had to re-work it many times. The skeg was the reason, I sold my P&Hs. The newer skeg; I think started in 2013, is much improved. Simpler and much easier to manipulate.

The Scorpio, is a fine all around kayak. Decent speed and maneuverable. I would buy another one, but only if it has the newer skeg.

How about
A 15’-8" glass NC–brand new for $1199? Check it out at